Zebra Eltron LP2022 Eltron LP2042 Eltron LP2046 Eltron LP2122 Replacement Chargers

Part # DF-AC220MT
Usually Ships in 4 - 7 Business Days
  • This is a replacement compatible with a Zebra Printer Battery Charger
  • Eltron LP2022 Eltron LP2042 Eltron LP2046 Eltron LP2122 Eltron LP2142 Eltron LP2242 Eltron LP2344 Eltron LP2443 Eltron LP2622 Eltron LP2642 Eltron LP2684 Eltron LP2722 Eltron LP2742 Eltron LP2824 Eltron LP2824 Eltron LP2824-Z Eltron LP2844 Eltron LP2844-Z Eltron T300 Eltron T402 Eltron TLP2046 Eltron TLP2242 Eltron TLP2344 Eltron TLP2622 Eltron TLP2642 Eltron TLP2684 Eltron TLP2722 Eltron TLP2742 Eltron TLP2824 Eltron TLP2824-Z Eltron TLP2844 Eltron TLP2844Z Eltron TLP3642 Eltron TLP3742 Eltron TLP3842 Eltron TLP3844-Z Bravo 2 Bravo 4 replacement chargers.
  • For use with these models: FSP50-11 808113-001
  • Pin: 5.50 x 2.50, Input: AC100 - 240V, Output: 19V-3.42A
  • Frequency: 50 - 60Hz, Power: 65W
  • Warranty: 1 Year
1.0 lb

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