Asus U30 U30JC U35 U35JC U45 U45JC UL30 UL30A UL30A-A1 UL30A Replacement Battery

Part # cs-aul80hb
Usually Ships in 4 - 7 Business Days
  • This is a replacement compatible with a Asus Laptop and Notebook Battery
  • Capacity: 6600mAh (6.6Ah)
  • Volts: 14.8V (14.8 Volt)
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Color: Black
  • U30 U30JC U35 U35JC U45 U45JC UL30 UL30A UL30A-A1 UL30A-A2 UL30A-A3B UL30A-QX130X UL30A-QX131X UL30A-X1 UL30A-X2 UL30A-X3 UL30A-X4 UL30A-X5 UL30JT UL30Vt UL50 UL50A UL50Ag UL50AG-A2 UL50Ag-A3B UL50AT UL50Vg UL50Vg-A2 UL50VS UL50VS-A1B UL50Vt UL50Vt-A1 UL50Vt-X1 UL50Vt-XX009X UL50Vt-XX010x UL80 UL80A UL80Ag UL80Ag-A1 UL80JT UL80V UL80VS UL80Vt UL80Vt-A1 UL80Vt-WX009X UL80Vt-WX010X U30J U30JC-1A U30JC-A2B U30JC-B1 U30JC-X3K U30JT U33 U33J U33JC U33JC-A1 U33JT U35F U35F-X1 U35J U35JC-A1 U43 U43F U43F-BBA5 U43J U43JC U43JC-A1 U43JC-WX059V U43JC-X1 U45J U45JC-A1 U45JT U52 U52F U52F-BBL5 U53 U53F U53J U53JC U53JC-A1 replacement batteries.
  • Mfgr Part # A31-UL30 A31-UL50 A31-UL80 A32-UL30 A32-UL50 A32-UL80 A41-UL30 A41-UL50 A41-UL80 A42-UL30 A42-UL50 A42-UL80
  • Warranty: 1 Year
1.0 lb

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