Festool C15 C15 Cordless Drill Driver DRC1 3000mAh Replacement Battery

Part # CS-FCD153PW
Usually Ships in 4 - 7 Business Days
  • This is a replacement compatible with a Festool Power Tool Battery
  • Volts: 14.4V (14.4 Volts)
  • Capacity: 3000mAh (3Ah)
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Color: Black
  • Festool C15 C15 Cordless Drill Driver DRC15 Cordless Drill Driver DRC18 Cordless Drill Driver FLC Uni LED Cordless Flashligh KAL SYSLITE LED Work Light PDC15 Cordless Hammer Drill PDC18 Cordless Hammer Drill PSBC400 Cordless Jigsaw PSBC420 Jigsaw PSC PSBC400 PSC400 Cordless Jigsaw PSC420 Jigsaw T15 Cordless Drill Driver T15+3 T18 Cordless Drill Driver Replacement Batteries.
  • Mfgr Part # 494832 498340 498341 BPC 15 BPC 15 Li BPC15-3.0 Li BPS 15
  • Dimensions: 4.93 in. L x 3.14 in. W x 2.73 H in.
  • Weight: 1.6 lb
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Disclaimer: Our products are not affiliated with or authorized by Festool.


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