Panasonic NV-GS Series NV-GS10 NV-GS10B NV-GS10EG NV-GS10EGA Replacement Battery

Part # CS-VBD120
Usually Ships in 4 - 7 Business Days
  • This is a replacement compatible with a Panasonic Camera and Video Battery
  • Capacity: 1050mAh (1.05Ah)
  • Volts: 7.4V (7.4 Volt)
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Color: Dark Gray
  • NV-GS Series NV-GS10 NV-GS10B NV-GS10EG NV-GS10EGA NV-GS10EGR NV-GS10EGS NV-GS17 NV-GS21 NV-GS22 NV-GS22EG-A NV-GS22EG-S NV-GS27 NV-GS28GK NV-GS30 NV-GS30B NV-GS33 NV-GS33EG-S NV-GS35 NV-GS37 NV-GS38GK NV-GS40 NV-GS40B NV-GS44 NV-GS50 NV-GS50A NV-GS50AW NV-GS50A-S NV-GS50B NV-GS50K NV-GS50V NV-GS55 NV-GS55B NV-GS55EG-S NV-GS55K NV-GS55GN-S NV-GS65 NV-GS70 NV-GS70A-S NV-GS70B NV-GS70K NV-GS75 NV-GS75B NV-GS75EG-S NV-GS78GK NV-GS100K NV-GS120 NV-GS120B NV-GS120EG-S NV-GS120GN-S NV-GS120K NV-GS140 NV-GS140EG-S NV-GS150 NV-GS150B NV-GS150EG-S NV-GS158GK NV-GS180 NV-GS200 NV-GS200B NV-GS200EG-S NV-GS200K NV-GS250 NV-GS250B NV-GS250EG-S NV-GS258GK NV-GS280 NV-GS300 NV-GS400 NV-GS400B NV-GS400GN NV-GS400EG-S NV-GS400K NV-GS408GK NV-GS500 Panasonic NV-MX Series NV-MX500A Panasonic PV-GS Series PV-GS19 PV-GS29 PV-GS31 PV-GS33 PV-GS34 PV-GS35 PV-GS39 PV-GS50 PV-GS50K PV-GS50S PV-GS55 PV-GS59 PV-GS65 PV-GS70 PV-GS75 PV-GS120 PV-GS150 PV-GS180 PV-GS200 PV-GS250 PV-GS300 PV-GS400 Panasonic VDR-D Series VDR-D150 VDR-D158GK VDR-D250 VDR-D258GK VDR-D300 VDR-D308GK Panasonic VDR-M Series VDR-M30 VDR-M30K VDR-M50 VDR-M50B VDR-M50EG-S VDR-M53 VDR-M55 VDR-M70 VDR-M70B VDR-M70EG-S VDR-M70K VDR-M75 VDR-M95 HITACHI Hitachi DZ-MV350 Series DZ-MV350 DZ-MV350A DZ-MV350E Hitachi DZ-MV380 Series DZ-MV380 DZ-MV380A DZ-MV380E Hitachi DZ-MV550 Series DZ-MV550 DZ-MV550A DZ-MV550E Hitachi DZ-MV580 Series DZ-MV580 DZ-MV580A DZ-MV580E Hitachi DZ-MV730 Series DZ-MV730 DZ-MV730E Hitachi DZ-MV750 Series DZ-MV750 DZ-MV750E Hitachi DZ-MV780 Series DZ-MV780 DZ-MV780A DZ-MV780E DZ-MV780R DZ-MV780S Hitachi DZ-GX20 Series DZ-GX20 DZ-GX20A DZ-GX20E Hitachi DZ-GX25 Series DZ-GX25M Hitachi DZ-GX3000 Series DZ-GX3100 DZ-GX3200 DZ-GX3300(S) DZ-GX3300(B) replacement batteries.
  • Mfgr Part # VW-VBD120 CGA-DU12 CGA-DU12A/ 1b
  • Warranty: 1 Year
0.3 lb

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