Alarm Batteries

Replacement Alarm Batteries ensure your alarm system continues to operate even during a power outage or when the electricity is cut. Browse our current selection of replacement Alarm Batteries for some of the top alarm brands like ADT, Honeywell and Ademco.

Paradox Magellan MG6060 MG6060 Control Panel MG613 Replacement Battery-main

Paradox Magellan MG6060 MG6060 Control Panel MG6130 MG6130 Control Panel MG6160 MG6160 Control Panel Alarm Replacement Battery

This is a replacement compatible with a Paradox Magellan Alarm Battery Volts: 7.2V (7.2 Volts) Capacity: 2000mAh (2Ah) Type: Ni-MH Color: Green Pa...

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