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BatteryClerk Prime FAST 1-2 day shipping to most of the USA
BatteryClerk Prime FAST 1-2 day shipping to most of the USA

Deep Cycle Battery Replacement


deep cycle replacement battery infographic

Replacing Your Deep Cycle Battery

      1. Always refer to manufacturer's instructions included with your battery
      2. To avoid injury, remove wrist watches and jewelry such as rings when replacing batteries. Use tools with insulated handles.
      3. Locate the battery (may be in a compartment or box for boats and RV's)
      4. Disconnect wires from battery terminal
      5. Replace with new battery and reconnect wires to new battery terminal
      6. Replace cover or compartment door
      7. Recycle old battery.

Benefits of AJC® Replacement Batteries

  • High quality, low cost replacement batteries for thousands of devices.
  • Exact OEM replacements guaranteed to fit easily and precisely.
  • Backed by easy 30-day returns and a 12-month warranty.
  • Millions of batteries sold globally.

Deep Cycle Battery Care

  • Visually inspect the battery regularly (once per month).
  • Clean battery terminals occasionally with baking soda and water solution or a commercially available battery terminal cleaner. Make this part of your routine maintenance schedule. Keeping battery terminals clean will extend the battery life.
  • Ensure terminal connections are tight and do not loosen over time. This will help prevent corrosion and unwanted discharge.
  • Coat terminal connections with grease or other lubricant to prevent unwanted discharge.
  • Ensure the battery is brought up to full charge when not being used. Batteries which fully discharge will have a shorter life and degraded performance.
  • Store battery in cool, dry place (68°F/20°C).
  • Recycle batteries, do not dispose.

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