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BatteryClerk Prime FAST 1-2 day shipping to most of the USA
BatteryClerk Prime FAST 1-2 day shipping to most of the USA

Replacement Batteries for Stadiums - Case Study


BatteryClerk offers a couple of very important features. The first is a quality product. Without a quality product, we wouldn’t last very long in this business. A close second would be value, we keep our pricing as low as possible to make our product as accessible as possible to everyone. With many people on fixed incomes or disability, a mobility scooter battery can take up a lot of their budget. With our AJC batteries being a fraction of other manufacturer’s pricing, we’re able to provide extra peace of mind in that area.

Buying in Bulk

So imagine if you require hundreds of replacement batteries, in places like a factory, a theater or even a stadium where you’re relying on UPS devices to keep operating during power outages with sensitive data and information stored. Of course you want them to work but you’re also outlaying thousands of dollars for replacement batteries to keep them running.

We were approached by the CTO of a large stadium recently who had their budget reduced and didn’t want to have to sacrifice removing or consolidating his UPS devices in order to meet that budget.

“I found myself in a tough spot where our budget was cut but I still needed to replace the batteries on all our UPS devices, many of them already indicating low battery power. When I took inventory I was nearly forced to decide if we needed to keep certain UPS devices. I figured I would try some comparison shopping and saw there were compatible batteries that were a lot cheaper. They would fit within our budget easily. I spoke with the rep at BatteryClerk and ordered 1 just to ensure compatibility. It went well so I applied for a wholesale account and bought all I needed”

Competitive Pricing

BatteryClerk offers very competitive pricing but with volume discounting through our wholesale program, companies who buy in large quantities can gain significant savings. With our client who runs a stadium, you’re talking about large quantities of a variety of products including ATV’s, lawn care equipment, UPS devices, walkie talkies, barcode scanners and more.

“After having success with our UPS replacement battery stocks, our general manager (who was incredibly impressed at our achievement) asked us to do the same for as many products as possible so when it came time to replace our other batteries we naturally went to BatteryClerk. The costs compared to our previous purchases were amazing and they offer a significant range of replacement batteries. It’s been a real bonus for us.”

Our Wholesale Program

While many of our wholesale clients don’t run facilities as large as a stadium, many other businesses have been taking full advantage of our wholesale program including property managers, facility managers, businesses from small to enterprise. Check our wholesale program details.