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BatteryClerk Prime FAST 1-2 day shipping to most of the USA

Asus FX503VD-0072C7300HQ FX503VD-DM002T FX503VD-DM044T FX503VD-DM078T FX503VD-DM080T FX503VD-DM097B FX503VD-DM Laptop and Notebook Replacement Battery

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Original price
$66.19 - $66.19
Current price $66.19
  • This is a replacement compatible with a Asus Laptop and Notebook Battery
  • Volts: 15.2V (15.2 Volts)
  • Capacity: 4050mAh (4.05Ah)
  • Type: Li-Polymer
  • Color: Black
  • Asus FX503VD-0072C7300HQ FX503VD-DM002T FX503VD-DM044T FX503VD-DM078T FX503VD-DM080T FX503VD-DM097B FX503VD-DM100T FX503VD-DM112T FX503VD-E4082 FX503VD-E4099T FX503VD-E4139T FX503VD-E4310T FX503VM-DM032T FX503VM-DM041T FX503VM-DM042T FX503VM-DM054 FX503VM-DM064 FX503VM-DM081T FX503VM-E184T FX503VM-E4048T FX503VM-E4070T FX503VM-E4178T FX503VM-E4200T FX63VM7300 FX705DD FX705DY GL503VM-1B GL503VM-1D GL503VM-FY100T GL503VM-GZ083T GL503VM-GZ211T GL703VD-1B GL703VD-DB74 GL703VD-GC024T GL703VM-1A MW503GE ROG GL503VD-FY005 ROG GL503VD-FY077T ROG GL503VD-FY126T ROG Station 17 PX703GE-GC153R ROG Station 17 PX705GD-EW098R ROG Strix GL503GE-0021B8750H ROG Strix GL503GE-0031D8750H ROG Strix GL503GE-0101B8750H ROG Strix GL503GE-EN027T ROG Strix GL503GE-EN028T ROG Strix GL503GE-EN034T ROG Strix GL503GE-EN040T ROG Strix GL503GE-EN041T ROG Strix GL503GE-EN083T ROG Strix GL503GE-EN095T ROG Strix GL503GE-EN142T ROG Strix GL503GE-EN155T ROG Strix GL503GE-EN169T ROG Strix GL503GE-EN174T ROG Strix GL503GE-EN214T ROG Strix GL503GE-EN221T ROG Strix GL503GE-EN258T ROG Strix GL503GE-EN270T ROG Strix GL503GE-ES73 ROG Strix GL503VD-DB71 ROG Strix GL503VD-FY005 ROG Strix GL503VD-FY009T ROG Strix GL503VD-FY111T ROG Strix GL503VM-BI7N13 ROG Strix GL503VM-ED090T ROG Strix GL503VM-ED092T ROG Strix GL503VM-GZ081 ROG Strix GL503VM-GZ082T ROG Strix GL503VM-GZ084T ROG Strix GL703GE ROG Strix GL703GE-EE012T ROG Strix GL703GE-EE013T ROG Strix GL703GE-EE026T ROG Strix GL703GE-EE032T ROG Strix GL703GE-EE047T ROG Strix GL703GE-EE062T ROG Strix GL703GE-EE063T ROG Strix GL703GE-EE083T ROG Strix GL703GE-EE137T ROG Strix GL703GE-EE172T ROG STRIX GL703GE-EE202T ROG Strix GL703GE-GC004T ROG Strix GL703GE-GC007T ROG Strix GL703GE-GC150T ROG Strix GL703GE-GC173T ROG Strix GL703GE-GC200T ROG Strix GL703GE-PS71 ROG Strix GL703VD-DB74 ROG Strix GL703VD-GC007B ROG Strix GL703VD-GC024T ROG Strix GL703VD-GC042T ROG Strix GL703VD-GC056T ROG Strix GL703VD-GC083T ROG Strix GL703VD-GC097T ROG Strix GL703VD-GC111T ROG Strix GL703VD-GC114T ROG Strix GL703VD-GC120T ROG Strix GL703VD-GC121T ROG Strix GL703VD-RS71 ROG Strix GL703VM-BA015T ROG Strix GL703VM-BA106T ROG Strix GL703VM-BA107T ROG Strix GL703VM-BA114T ROG Strix GL703VM-BA182T ROG Strix GL703VM-BA226T ROG Strix GL703VM-BA294T ROG Strix GL703VM-EE043T ROG Strix GL703VM-EE068T ROG Strix GL703VM-EE085T ROG Strix GL703VM-EE115T ROG Strix GL703VM-EE153T ROG Strix GL703VM-EE165T ROG Strix GL703VM-EE174T ROG Strix GL703VM-EE251T ROG Strix GL703VM-GC002T ROG Strix GL703VM-GC111T ROG Strix GL703VM-NH74 ROG Strix GL703VM-WB71 TUF FX503VD-DM096T TUF FX503VM TUF FX503VM-DM020 TUF FX503VM-DM044T TUF FX705DD-AU016T TUF FX705DD-AU017 TUF FX705DD-AU026T TUF FX705DT-AU035T TUF FX705DT-AU042T TUF FX705DT-AU054 TUF FX705DT-AU059T TUF FX705DT-AU080T TUF FX705DT-AU095T TUF FX705DU-AU019T TUF FX705DU-AU023T TUF FX705DU-AU025T TUF FX705DU-AU035T TUF FX705DU-AU044T TUF FX705DU-AU053T TUF FX705DU-H7083T TUF FX705DU-H7090 TUF FX705DY-AU017T TUF FX705DY-AU040T TUF FX705DY-EW003T TUF FX705DY-RS51 TUF FX705GD TUF FX705GD-DH71-CA TUF FX705GD-EW086 TUF FX705GD-EW103T TUF FX705GE-EW074T TUF FX705GE-EW103T TUF FX705GE-EW109T TUF FX705GM-EV013T TUF FX705GM-EV017 TUF FX705GM-EV020T TUF FX705GM-EV068T TUF FX705GM-EV086T TUF FX705GM-EV113T TUF FX705GM-EV131 TUF FX705GM-EV200T TUF FX705GM-EV238 TUF FX705GM-EW019T TUF FX705GM-EW031 TUF FX705GM-EW058 TUF FX705GM-EW073 TUF FX705GM-EW101T TUF FX705GM-EW116 TUF FX705GM-EW135 TUF FX705GM-EW151T TUF FX705GM-EW186T TUF FX705GM-EW208T TUF FX705GM-NH74 TUF FX765GM-EV191T TUF Gaming FX705DT TUF Gaming FX705DT-AU027T TUF Gaming FX705DT-AU039 TUF Gaming FX705DT-AU068T TUF Gaming FX705DT-AU078T TUF Gaming FX705DY TUF GAMING FX705GD-EW082T TUF GAMING FX705GD-EW096T TUF GAMING FX705GD-EW097T TUF GAMING FX705GD-EW102T TUF GAMING FX705GD-EW103T TUF GAMING FX705GD-EW105 TUF Gaming FX765GM TUF GAMING PX705GM TUF705DT TUF705DT-AU053T TUF705GD-EW005T TUF705GD-EW070T TUF705GD-EW081T TUF705GD-EW082T TUF705GD-EW104T TUF705GD-NR081T TUF705GE-EV130T TUF705GE-EW087 TUF705GE-EW223T TUF705GM-EV235 TUF765DT-AU063T TUF765GD TUF765GE TUF765GE-EV085 TUF765GE-EV242T TUF765GE-EW029 TUF765GE-EW137T TUF765GM-EV039T TUF765GM-EV149T TUF765GM-EV189T TUF765GM-EW005T TUF765GM-EW018T TUF765GM-EW032T TUF765GM-EW073T ZX73VM Replacement Batteries.
  • Mfgr Part # 0B200-02730100 B41N1711
  • Dimensions: 9.95 in. L x 4.25 in. W x 0.27 H in.
  • Weight: 1.2 lb
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Disclaimer: Our products are not affiliated with or authorized by Asus.

  • What is the best replacement battery for the Asus FX503VD-0072C7300HQ FX503VD-DM002T FX503VD-DM044T FX503VD-DM078T FX503VD-DM080T FX503VD-DM097B FX503VD-DM Laptop and Notebook Battery?

    The CS-AUR177NB is the best replacement battery for the Asus FX503VD-0072C7300HQ FX503VD-DM002T FX503VD-DM044T FX503VD-DM078T FX503VD-DM080T FX503VD-DM097B FX503VD-DM Laptop and Notebook Battery.

  • What is your return policy and battery warranty?

    Our batteries are backed by easy 30-day returns and a 12-month warranty.

  • How do I find the best replacement Battery?

    Our search tool at the top of the website should give you the best results. Search by brand or part number to see if we have the right match for you.

  • What does Li-ion and Ni-MH mean?

    They represent different types of rechargeable batteries. Li-ion stands for Lithium Ion, lithium ions move from the negative electrode through an electrolyte to the positive electrode during discharge and back when charging. Ni-MH stands for nickel-metal hydride where the negative electrode is made from a hydrogen-absorbing alloy.

  • Do you have a wholesale, reseller and large volume purchase program?

    Yes, our bulk purchasing program saves you money and allow you to obtain the batteries you need in one easy, hassle-free transaction. Apply here.