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BatteryClerk Prime FAST 1-2 day shipping to most of the USA
BatteryClerk Prime FAST 1-2 day shipping to most of the USA
SKU CS-CP2100.1

Compaq avilion ZE5634US-DU916U OmniBook XE4 Omnibook XE4000 OmniBook XE4100 OmniBook XE4100-F4641HC OmniBook X Laptop and Notebook Replacement Battery

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  • This is a replacement compatible with a Compaq Laptop and Notebook Battery
  • Volts: 14.8V (14.8 Volts)
  • Capacity: 4400mAh (4.4Ah)
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Color: Black
  • Compaq avilion ZE5634US-DU916U OmniBook XE4 Omnibook XE4000 OmniBook XE4100 OmniBook XE4100-F4641HC OmniBook XE4100-F4641HT OmniBook XE4100-F4641JC OmniBook XE4100-F4641JG OmniBook XE4100-F4641JT OmniBook XE4100-F4642H OmniBook XE4100-F4642HC OmniBook XE4100-F4642HG OmniBook XE4100-F4642HT OmniBook XE4100-F4642J OmniBook XE4100-F4642JC OmniBook XE4100-F4642JG OmniBook XE4100-F4642JT OmniBook XE4100-F4643H OmniBook XE4100-F4643HC OmniBook XE4100-F4643HG OmniBook XE4100-F4643J OmniBook XE4100-F4643JC OmniBook XE4100-F4643JG OmniBook XE4100-F4643JT OmniBook XE4100-F4644HC OmniBook XE4100-F4644HG OmniBook XE4100-F4644HT OmniBook XE4100-F4644J OmniBook XE4100-F4644JC OmniBook XE4100-F4644JG OmniBook XE4100-F4644JT OmniBook XE4100-F4646J OmniBook XE4100-F4647H OmniBook XE4100-F4647J OmniBook XE4100-F4648J OmniBook XE4100-F4649H OmniBook XE4100-F4650HG OmniBook XE4100-F4650HT OmniBook XE4100-F4650JG OmniBook XE4100-F4650JT OmniBook XE4100-F4651HT OmniBook XE4100-F4651J OmniBook XE4100-F4652H OmniBook XE4100-F4652HT OmniBook XE4100-F4652J OmniBook XE4100-F4652JT OmniBook XE4100-F5624JS OmniBook XE4100-F5642HS OmniBook XE4100-F6752JS OmniBook XE4400 OmniBook XE4400-F4636AV OmniBook XE4400-F4665H OmniBook XE4400-F4666H OmniBook XE4400-F4666HG OmniBook XE4400-F4666J OmniBook XE4400-F4667H OmniBook XE4400-F4667HC OmniBook XE4400-F4667J OmniBook XE4400-F4667JC OmniBook XE4400-F4670H OmniBook XE4400-F4670HG OmniBook XE4400-F4670HR OmniBook XE4400-F4670HT OmniBook XE4400-F4670JG OmniBook XE4400-F4670JT OmniBook XE4400-F4671HG OmniBook XE4400-F4671HS OmniBook XE4400-F4671HT OmniBook XE4400-F4671J OmniBook XE4400-F4671JG OmniBook XE4400-F4671JT OmniBook XE4400-F4673H OmniBook XE4400-F4673J OmniBook XE4400-F4674H OmniBook XE4400-F4674J OmniBook XE4400-F4675H OmniBook XE4400-F5815HS OmniBook XE4500 OmniBook XE4500-F4869H OmniBook XE4500-F4869HC OmniBook XE4500-F4869HG OmniBook XE4500-F4869J OmniBook XE4500-F4869JC OmniBook XE4500-F4869JG OmniBook XE4500-F4869JT OmniBook XE4500-F4870H OmniBook XE4500-F4870HC OmniBook XE4500-F4870HG OmniBook XE4500-F4870J OmniBook XE4500-F4870JC OmniBook XE4500-F4870JG OmniBook XE4500-F4870JT OmniBook XE4500-F4871H OmniBook XE4500-F4871HC OmniBook XE4500-F4871HG OmniBook XE4500-F4871J OmniBook XE4500-F4871JC OmniBook XE4500-F4871JT OmniBook XE4500-F4872H OmniBook XE4500-F4872HC OmniBook XE4500-F4872HG OmniBook XE4500-F4872JC OmniBook XE4500-F4872JG OmniBook XE4500-F4873HC OmniBook XE4500-F4873HG OmniBook XE4500-F4873JC OmniBook XE4500-F4873JG OmniBook XE4500-F4874H OmniBook XE4500-F4874HC OmniBook XE4500-F4874HG OmniBook XE4500-F4874J OmniBook XE4500-F4874JC OmniBook XE4500-F4874JG OmniBook XE4500-F4874JT OmniBook XE4500-F4875H OmniBook XE4500-F4875HG OmniBook XE4500-F4875J OmniBook XE4500-F4875JT OmniBook XE4500-F4876H OmniBook XE4500-F4876J OmniBook XE4500-F4876JT OmniBook XE4500-F4877H OmniBook XE4500-F4878H OmniBook XE4500-F4879J OmniBook XE4500-F4879JT OmniBook XE4500-F4880H OmniBook XE4500-F4880HG OmniBook XE4500-F4880HR OmniBook XE4500-F4880HT OmniBook XE4500-F4880JG OmniBook XE4500-F4881HG OmniBook XE4500-F4881HT OmniBook XE4500-F4881JT OmniBook XE4500-F4882J OmniBook XE4500-F4884J OmniBook XE4500-F4885H OmniBook XE4500-F4885J OmniBook XE4500-F4886H OmniBook XE4500-F4886J OmniBook XE4500-F4887H OmniBook XE4500-F4887J OmniBook XE4500-F4887JT OmniBook XE4500-F4888J OmniBook XE4500-F4889HT OmniBook XE4500-F4889J OmniBook XE4500-F4889JT OmniBook XE4500-F4890H OmniBook XE4500-F4890J OmniBook XE4500-F4890JT OmniBook XE4500-F5829HS OmniBook XE4500-F6148J OmniBook XE4500s OmniBook XE4500s-F4867HC OmniBook XE4500s-F4867HG OmniBook XE4500s-F4867J OmniBook XE4500s-F4867JC OmniBook XE4500s-F4867JT OmniBook XE4500s-F4868H OmniBook XE4500s-F4868HG OmniBook XE4500s-F4868J OmniBook XE4500s-F4868JG OmniBook XE4500s-F4883H OmniBook XE4500s-F4883J Pavilion 4000 Pavilion 5000 Pavilion XT1 Pavilion XT118 Pavilion XT118-F5861H Pavilion XT125 Pavilion XT125-F5855H Pavilion XT155 Pavilion XT155-F5856H Pavilion XT178 Pavilion XT178-F4685H Pavilion XT183 Pavilion XT183-F4672H Pavilion XT2 Pavilion XT236 Pavilion XT236-DC590A Pavilion XT276 Pavilion XT276-DC603A Pavilion XT3 Pavilion XT345 Pavilion XT345-F4676H Pavilion XT375 Pavilion XT375-F4677H Pavilion XT395 Pavilion XT395-F4681H Pavilion XT395-F4681HR Pavilion XT412 Pavilion XT412-F5871H Pavilion XT4300 Pavilion XT4316 Pavilion XT4316WM Pavilion XT4316WM-DC978A Pavilion XT4328 Pavilion XT4328CL Pavilion XT4345QV Pavilion XT4345QV-DF835A Pavilion XT5 Pavilion XT512 Pavilion XT5300 Pavilion XT5335 Pavilion XT5335QV-DF861A Pavilion XT5366 Pavilion XT5366WM-DC966A Pavilion XT5366WM-DC966AR Pavilion XT537 Pavilion XT5377 Pavilion XT5377QV Pavilion XT5377QV-DK941A Pavilion XT537QV Pavilion XT545 Pavilion XT545-DC764A Pavilion XT5477WM-DK570A Pavilion XT5477WM-DK570AR Pavilion XT555 Pavilion XT555-DE862A Pavilion XT565 Pavilion XT565-DB397A Pavilion XT575 Pavilion XT575-DC672A Pavilion XT575-DE861A Pavilion XT585 Pavilion XT585-DC753A Pavilion XT595 Pavilion XT595-DE863A Pavilion ZE404EA Pavilion ZE4100 Pavilion ZE4101 Pavilion ZE4101-F4902H Pavilion ZE4102 Pavilion ZE4102-F5859H Pavilion ZE4103 Pavilion ZE4103s-F5874H Pavilion ZE4111 Pavilion ZE4111S Pavilion ZE4115 Pavilion ZE4115-F4903H Pavilion ZE4120s-F5869H Pavilion ZE4123 Pavilion ZE4123-F5879HG Pavilion ZE4123s-F5878HG Pavilion ZE4125 Pavilion ZE4125-F4892HR Pavilion ZE4130-F5870H Pavilion ZE4133 Pavilion ZE4140 Pavilion ZE4140-F5868H Pavilion ZE4145 Pavilion ZE4145-F4893H Pavilion ZE4145-F4893HR Pavilion ZE4200 Pavilion ZE4200-DA720AV Pavilion ZE4201 Pavilion ZE4201-DC597A Pavilion ZE4202s-DC850A Pavilion ZE4204 Pavilion ZE4204s-DD511A Pavilion ZE4206 Pavilion ZE4207 Pavilion ZE4207s-DC593A Pavilion ZE4207s-DC601A Pavilion ZE4208 Pavilion ZE4208S Pavilion ZE4208s-DC594A Pavilion ZE4208s-DD690A Pavilion ZE4209 Pavilion ZE4209-DC591A Pavilion ZE4210 Pavilion ZE4210-DB953A Pavilion ZE4211 Pavilion ZE4211-DC598A Pavilion ZE4212 Pavilion ZE4212s-DD506A Pavilion ZE4214 Pavilion ZE4214s-DD508A Pavilion ZE4217 Pavilion ZE4218 Pavilion ZE4218-DC804A Pavilion ZE4219 Pavilion ZE4219-DC592A Pavilion ZE4220 Pavilion ZE4220-DB385A Pavilion ZE4220-DB385AR Pavilion ZE4221 Pavilion ZE4222 Pavilion ZE4222AP-DF845A Pavilion ZE4224 Pavilion ZE4224-DC709A Pavilion ZE4228 Pavilion ZE4228-DD509A Pavilion ZE4228-DD665A Pavilion ZE4229 Pavilion ZE4229-DC762AR Pavilion ZE4230 Pavilion ZE4230-DB386A Pavilion ZE4230-DB386AR Pavilion ZE4231 Pavilion ZE4231-DC600A Pavilion ZE4232 Pavilion ZE4232S Pavilion ZE4232s-DC595A Pavilion ZE4234 Pavilion ZE4234s-DE614A Pavilion ZE4236 Pavilion ZE4236-DC602A Pavilion ZE4239 Pavilion ZE4239-DC763A Pavilion ZE4239-DC763AR Pavilion ZE4240 Pavilion ZE4240-DE874A Pavilion ZE4241 Pavilion ZE4241-DC760A Pavilion ZE4250 Pavilion ZE4251 Pavilion ZE4251-DD672A Pavilion ZE4258 Pavilion ZE4261 Pavilion ZE4261-DD673A Pavilion ZE4262-DC710A Pavilion ZE4268 Pavilion ZE4268-DD507A Pavilion ZE4268-DE852A Pavilion ZE4271 Pavilion ZE4271-DD674A Pavilion ZE4274 Pavilion ZE4274-DC761A Pavilion ZE4278-DD510A Pavilion ZE4281 Pavilion ZE4281-DE234A Pavilion ZE4282 Pavilion ZE4282-DC596A Pavilion ZE4284 Pavilion ZE4284-DC813A Pavilion ZE4288 Pavilion ZE4288-DC713A Pavilion ZE4288-DD667A Pavilion ZE4292 Pavilion ZE4292-DC814A Pavilion ZE4294 Pavilion ZE4294-DC815A Pavilion ZE4298 Pavilion ZE4298-DC816A Pavilion ZE4300 Pavilion ZE4300-DA726AV Pavilion ZE4301 Pavilion ZE4301AP-DG217A Pavilion ZE4302 Pavilion ZE4302AP-DM837A Pavilion ZE4305 Pavilion ZE4305EA -DF842A Pavilion ZE4306 Pavilion ZE4306WM-DC977A Pavilion ZE4307 Pavilion ZE4307LA -DF567A Pavilion ZE4308 Pavilion ZE4308EA -DK935A Pavilion ZE4310 Pavilion ZE4310-DF995A Pavilion ZE4310EA Pavilion ZE4310EA-DF579A Pavilion ZE4311 Pavilion ZE4311AP-DF996A Pavilion ZE4312 Pavilion ZE4312-DF997A Pavilion ZE4313 Pavilion ZE4313-DF998A Pavilion ZE4314 Pavilion ZE4314AP-DG017A Pavilion ZE4315 Pavilion ZE4315AP-DG018A Pavilion ZE4315CA Pavilion ZE4315CA -DG023AR Pavilion ZE4315US Pavilion ZE4315US-DC958A Pavilion ZE4316 Pavilion ZE4316AP-DG019A Pavilion ZE4317AP-DG020A Pavilion ZE4317EA-DG604A Pavilion ZE4317EA-DK786A Pavilion ZE4318 Pavilion ZE4318AP-DG021A Pavilion ZE4318EA-DG190A Pavilion ZE4319 Pavilion ZE4319-DG207A Pavilion ZE4320 Pavilion ZE4320EA-DL223A Pavilion ZE4321 Pavilion ZE4321-DG827A Pavilion ZE4321EA-DL430A Pavilion ZE4322EA-DK936A Pavilion ZE4323 Pavilion ZE4323EA-DG204A Pavilion ZE4325 Pavilion ZE4325CA Pavilion ZE4325CA-DG024A Pavilion ZE4325CA-DG024AR Pavilion ZE4325EA-DG611A Pavilion ZE4325US-DC975A Pavilion ZE4325US-DC975AR Pavilion ZE4326 Pavilion ZE4326US-DC974A Pavilion ZE4328 Pavilion ZE4330 Pavilion ZE4332 Pavilion ZE4333 Pavilion ZE4333EA-DG605A Pavilion ZE4334 Pavilion ZE4334EA-DK785A Pavilion ZE4335 Pavilion ZE4335US Pavilion ZE4335US-DC950A Pavilion ZE4336 Pavilion ZE4336EA-DG606A Pavilion ZE4345 Pavilion ZE4345US-DF762A Pavilion ZE4347EA-DG825A Pavilion ZE4348 Pavilion ZE4349EA-DK937A Pavilion ZE4350 Pavilion ZE4351 Pavilion ZE4351EA-DG612A Pavilion ZE4352EA-DK784A Pavilion ZE4353 Pavilion ZE4353EA-DG824A Pavilion ZE4354 Pavilion ZE4354EA-DG607A Pavilion ZE4355EA-DF966A Pavilion ZE4355US-DF836A Pavilion ZE4355US-DF836AR Pavilion ZE4356 Pavilion ZE4356EA-DL142A Pavilion ZE4357EA-DF577A Pavilion ZE4357EA-DF964A Pavilion ZE4358 Pavilion ZE4360 Pavilion ZE4360EA-DF834A Pavilion ZE4365 Pavilion ZE4365US Pavilion ZE4365US-DC976AR Pavilion ZE4367 Pavilion ZE4367EA Pavilion ZE4367EA-DG613A Pavilion ZE4370 Pavilion ZE4375 Pavilion ZE4375EA-DG027A Pavilion ZE4380 Pavilion ZE4384 Pavilion ZE4384EA-DL147A Pavilion ZE4385 Pavilion ZE4385EA-DG026A Pavilion ZE4386EA-DG614A Pavilion ZE4400-DL682AV Pavilion ZE4400-DM391AV Pavilion ZE4401 Pavilion ZE4401US-DL389A Pavilion ZE4401US-DL389AR Pavilion ZE4402 Pavilion ZE4402US-DL390A Pavilion ZE4403 Pavilion ZE4403EA-DM957A Pavilion ZE4403EA-DN563A Pavilion ZE4404EA Pavilion ZE4404EA-DM427A Pavilion ZE4405 Pavilion ZE4405EA-DN562A Pavilion ZE4407 Pavilion ZE4407EA Pavilion ZE4407EA-DM429A Pavilion ZE4409 Pavilion ZE4410 Pavilion ZE4410AK-DN561A Pavilion ZE4410AP-DM661A Pavilion ZE4410CA-DK595A Pavilion ZE4411 Pavilion ZE4412 Pavilion ZE4412AP-DN628A Pavilion ZE4413 Pavilion ZE4413AP-DN629A Pavilion ZE4414 Pavilion ZE4414AP-DN844A Pavilion ZE4414EA-DM958A Pavilion ZE4415 Pavilion ZE4415EA-DM430A Pavilion ZE4415EA-DM997A Pavilion ZE4416 Series Pavilion ZE4416AP-DP176A Pavilion ZE4416EA-DM655A Pavilion ZE4417 Pavilion ZE4417EA-DM431A Pavilion ZE4417EA-DM959A Pavilion ZE4420 Pavilion ZE4420CA-DK593A Pavilion ZE4420CA-DK593AR Pavilion ZE4420US-DK581AR Pavilion ZE4423 Pavilion ZE4423EA-DK755A Pavilion ZE4424 Pavilion ZE4424EA-DM960A Pavilion ZE4424US-DL821A Pavilion ZE4425EA-DM656A Pavilion ZE4427 Pavilion ZE4427WM-DK583A Pavilion ZE4427WM-DK583AR Pavilion ZE4428EA-DN564A Pavilion ZE4430 Pavilion ZE4430US-DK582A Pavilion ZE4430US-DK582AR Pavilion ZE4440 Pavilion ZE4443EA-DM657A Pavilion ZE4450 Pavilion ZE4453 Pavilion ZE4454EA-DN845A Pavilion ZE4455 Pavilion ZE4455EA Pavilion ZE4455EA-DM432A Pavilion ZE4455EA-DM998A Pavilion ZE4500 Pavilion ZE4500-DM371AV Pavilion ZE4500-DM391AV Pavilion ZE4501US-DP462U Pavilion ZE4502 Pavilion ZE4502US-DM738A Pavilion ZE4504 Pavilion ZE4504EA-DP843E Pavilion ZE4505 Pavilion ZE4505EA-DP844E Pavilion ZE4507 Pavilion ZE4507EA-DP817E Pavilion ZE4508 Pavilion ZE4508EA-DP811E Pavilion ZE4509 Pavilion ZE4509EA-DP815E Pavilion ZE4509EA-DP818E Pavilion ZE4510 Pavilion ZE4510AP-DR919A Pavilion ZE4510EA -DP812E Pavilion ZE4510OM-DM765A Pavilion ZE4510OM-DM765AR Pavilion ZE4511 Pavilion ZE4511EA-DP791E Pavilion ZE4511EA-DS437E Pavilion ZE4512 Pavilion ZE4512EA-DS438E Pavilion ZE4513 Pavilion ze4513EA-(DP846E) Pavilion ZE4514 Pavilion ZE4514EA Pavilion ZE4514EA-DP842E Pavilion ZE4516 Pavilion ZE4516EA-DP845E Pavilion ZE4518EA-DS436E Pavilion ZE4519 Pavilion ZE4520 Pavilion ZE4520AP-DR026A Pavilion ZE4521 Pavilion ZE4521AP-DR027A Pavilion ZE4521EA-DS440E Pavilion ZE4522 Pavilion ZE4522EA-DP816E Pavilion ZE4522EA-DP819E Pavilion ZE4523 Pavilion ZE4523EA-DP814E Pavilion ZE4524 Pavilion ZE4524EA-DS439E Pavilion ZE4525 Pavilion ZE4525US-DR434U Pavilion ZE4525US-DR434UR Pavilion ZE4526 Pavilion ZE4530 Pavilion ZE4530US-DP460U Pavilion ZE4530US-DP460UR Pavilion ZE4540 Pavilion ZE4540CA-DM756A Pavilion ZE4540CA-DM756AR Pavilion ZE4540US-DM752A Pavilion ZE4540US-DM752AR Pavilion ZE4545 Pavilion ZE4545US-DR435U Pavilion ZE4545US-DR435UR Pavilion ZE4546 Pavilion ZE4546SR-DP463U Pavilion ZE4546SR-DP463UR Pavilion ZE4547 Pavilion ZE4547WM-DM753A Pavilion ZE4547WM-DM753AR Pavilion ZE4550 Pavilion ZE4550ST-DR433U Pavilion ZE4560 Pavilion ZE4560US-DM736A Pavilion ZE4560US-DM736AR Pavilion ZE4565 Pavilion ZE456QV-DP450U Pavilion ZE4600 Pavilion ZE4600-DP657AV Pavilion ZE4601 Pavilion ZE4601US-DS519U Pavilion ZE4601US-DS519UR Pavilion ZE4603 Pavilion ZE4604 Pavilion ZE4605 Pavilion ZE4605EA-DV231E Pavilion ZE4610EA-DV232E Pavilion ZE4610US-DS518U Pavilion ZE4612 Pavilion ZE4612EA-DV234E Pavilion ZE4614EA-DV229E Pavilion ZE4615 Pavilion ZE4615EA-DV228E Pavilion ZE4615EA-DV235E Pavilion ZE4630 Pavilion ZE4630US-DS520U Pavilion ZE4630US-DS520UR Pavilion ZE4631EA-DV236E Pavilion ZE4700-DU928AV Pavilion ZE4710 Pavilion ZE4710EA-PB786EA Pavilion ZE4715EA-PB782EA Pavilion ZE4717EA-PB783EA Pavilion ZE4717EA-PB784EA Pavilion ZE4718 Pavilion ZE4718EA-PB781EA Pavilion ZE4719EA-PB787EA Pavilion ZE4720 Pavilion ZE4725 Pavilion ZE4725EA-PB785EA Pavilion ZE4800-PC768AV Pavilion ZE4800-PC769AV Pavilion ZE4801EA-PB790EA Pavilion ZE4805US-PF175UA Pavilion ZE4805WM-PF176UA Pavilion ZE4815EA-PB792EA Pavilion ZE4819EA-PB791EA Pavilion ZE4900 Pavilion ZE4900-PF745AV Pavilion ZE4900-PF746AV Pavilion ZE4900-PK793AV Pavilion ZE4900-PM249AV Pavilion ZE4900-PM250AV Pavilion ZE4900-PN312AV Pavilion ZE4900-PN313AV Pavilion ZE4901EA-PJ914EA Pavilion ZE4901EA-PJ927EA Pavilion ZE4901US-PM036UAR Pavilion ZE4901XX-PH852AS Pavilion ZE4902XX-PH853AS Pavilion ZE4903EA-PN621EA Pavilion ZE4903US-PM034UA Pavilion ZE4903US-PM034UAR Pavilion ZE4904EA-PJ915EA Pavilion ZE4904US-PM042UA Pavilion ZE4904US-PM042UAR Pavilion ZE4905EA-PJ912EA Pavilion ZE4906EA-PJ947EA Pavilion ZE4906EA-PN623EA Pavilion ZE4906US-PM035UA Pavilion ZE4906US-PM035UAR Pavilion ZE4907EA-PJ943EA Pavilion ZE4907EA-PQ842EA Pavilion ZE4907WM-B-PM039UA Pavilion ZE4907WM-B-PM039UAR Pavilion ZE4908EA-PJ944EA Pavilion ZE4908US-PM041UA Pavilion ZE4908US-PM041UAR Pavilion ZE4910EA-PJ911EA Pavilion ZE4910LA-PN958LA Pavilion ZE4910US-M033UA Pavilion ZE4910US-PM033UAR Pavilion ZE4911EA-PJ933EA Pavilion ZE4911US-PN586UA Pavilion ZE4911US-PN586UAR Pavilion ZE4913EA-PJ937EA Pavilion ZE4914EA-PJ918EA Pavilion ZE4916EA-PJ935EA Pavilion ZE4917EA-PJ942EA Pavilion ZE4919CL-PM037UA Pavilion ZE4919CL-PM037UAR Pavilion ZE4920LA-PN960LA Pavilion ZE4921EA-PJ916EA Pavilion ZE4922EA-PN616EA Pavilion ZE4923EA-PJ948EA Pavilion ZE4925EA-PN617EA Pavilion ZE4926EA-PJ941EA Pavilion ZE4926EA-PN615EA Pavilion ZE4927EA-PJ922EA Pavilion ZE4927EA-PJ928EA Pavilion ZE4928EA-PJ921EA Pavilion ZE4929EA-PJ930EA Pavilion ZE4930EA-PJ910EA Pavilion ZE4930EA-PJ932EA Pavilion ZE4930LA-PN957LA Pavilion ZE4930US-PR299UA Pavilion ZE4930US-PR299UAR Pavilion ZE4931EA-PJ917EA Pavilion ZE4931EA-PJ929EA Pavilion ZE4932EA-PN620EA Pavilion ZE4933EA-PJ925EA Pavilion ZE4933US-PR301UA Pavilion ZE4933US-PR301UAR Pavilion ZE4934EA-PJ940EA Pavilion ZE4935WM-PR300UA Pavilion ZE4936EA-PN624EA Pavilion ZE4937EA-PQ838EA Pavilion ZE4939EA-PJ780EA Pavilion ZE4940EA-PJ913EA Pavilion ZE4940LA-PN959LA Pavilion ZE4941EA-PJ949EA Pavilion ZE4941US-PR297UA Pavilion ZE4941US-PR297UAR Pavilion ZE4942EA-PQ840EA Pavilion ZE4942US-PR298UA Pavilion ZE4942US-PR298UAR Pavilion ZE4943EA-PQ839EA Pavilion ZE4944EA-PJ945EA Pavilion ZE4945EA-PQ841EA Pavilion ZE4946EA-PQ843EA Pavilion ZE4947EA-PQ844EA Pavilion ZE4947WM-B-PM040UA Pavilion ZE4947WM-B-PM040UAR Pavilion ZE4948EA-PN622EA Pavilion ZE4949EA-PN619EA Pavilion ZE4949US-PR302UA Pavilion ZE4949US-PR302UAR Pavilion ZE4951EA-PN618EA Pavilion ZE4952EA-PQ846EA Pavilion ZE4953EA-PT486EA Pavilion ZE4954EA-PT488EA Pavilion ZE4956EA-PT487EA Pavilion ZE4957EA-PS640EA Pavilion ZE4961EA-PQ845EA Pavilion ZE4962EA-PS643EA Pavilion ZE5 Pavilion ZE5000 Pavilion ZE5000S-F4637AV Pavilion ZE5000S-F5314AV Pavilion ZE5100 Pavilion ZE5155 Pavilion ZE5155-F4683H Pavilion ZE5160-F6155H Pavilion ZE5165 Pavilion ZE5165-F6156H Pavilion ZE5170 Pavilion ZE5170-F4680H Pavilion ZE5170-F4680HR Pavilion ZE5185 Pavilion ZE5185-F4684H Pavilion ZE5190 Pavilion ZE5200 Pavilion ZE5200-DA732AV Pavilion ZE5207 Pavilion ZE5217 Pavilion ZE5217-DC605A Pavilion ZE5228 Pavilion ZE5228-DE864A Pavilion ZE5232 Pavilion ZE5232-DC752A Pavilion ZE5232-DE256A Pavilion ZE5236-DB399A Pavilion ZE5238-DB679A Pavilion ZE5238-DC674A Pavilion ZE5238-DD679A Pavilion ZE5240 Pavilion ZE5240-DC671A Pavilion ZE5242 Pavilion ZE5242-DC714A Pavilion ZE5244 Pavilion ZE5244-DC820A Pavilion ZE5250 Pavilion ZE5250-DB395A Pavilion ZE5250-DB395AR Pavilion ZE5252 Pavilion ZE5252-DC818A Pavilion ZE5258 Pavilion ZE5258-DD659A Pavilion ZE5262-DC819A Pavilion ZE5270 Pavilion ZE5270-DB396A Pavilion ZE5279 Pavilion ZE5279-DC673A Pavilion ZE5279-DC673AR Pavilion ZE5300 Pavilion ZE5300-DC945AV Pavilion ZE5310 Pavilion ZE5315 Pavilion ZE5315EA -DK774A Pavilion ZE5320EA-DF860A Pavilion ZE5325 Pavilion ZE5325EA-DG636A Pavilion ZE5330 Pavilion ZE5340 Pavilion ZE5343 Pavilion ZE5343EA-DG067A Pavilion ZE5344 Pavilion ZE5344EA-DG230A Pavilion ZE5345 Pavilion ZE5345EA-DG068A Pavilion ZE5345US-DC967A Pavilion ZE5350 Pavilion ZE5354 Pavilion ZE5357 Pavilion ZE5357LA-DF568A Pavilion ZE5360 Pavilion ZE5360EA-DG917A Pavilion ZE5362 Pavilion ZE5362EA-DG069A Pavilion ZE5365 Pavilion ZE5365US-DC968A Pavilion ZE5365US-DC968AR Pavilion ZE5370 Pavilion ZE5375US-DC964A Pavilion ZE5380 Pavilion ZE5385 Pavilion ZE5385CA-DF862A Pavilion ZE5385CA-DF862AR Pavilion ZE5385US-DC965A Pavilion ZE5385US-DC965AR Pavilion ZE5390 Pavilion ZE5395 Pavilion ZE5395US Pavilion ZE5395US-DF809A Pavilion ZE5400 Pavilion ZE5400-DL683AV Pavilion ZE5407 Pavilion ZE5407LA-DL808A Pavilion ZE5410 Pavilion ZE5410AP-DN652A Pavilion ZE5413 Pavilion ZE5413EA-DM947A Pavilion ZE5414 Pavilion ZE5414EA-DM670A Pavilion ZE5415 Pavilion ZE5415AP-DQ539A Pavilion ZE5415EA-DM417A Pavilion ZE5416 Pavilion ZE5416EA-DM948A Pavilion ZE5417LA-DL807A Pavilion ZE5418 Pavilion ZE5418EA-DM949A Pavilion ZE5420 Pavilion ZE5425 Pavilion ZE5425EA-DM419A Pavilion ZE5426EA-DM950A Pavilion ZE5427 Pavilion ZE5427LA-DL806A Pavilion ZE5430 Pavilion ZE5440EA-DN653A Pavilion ZE5443 Pavilion ZE5443EA-DN838A Pavilion ZE5445 Pavilion ZE5446 Pavilion ZE5446EA-DM422A Pavilion ZE5447 Pavilion ZE5447LA-DR203A Pavilion ZE5450 Pavilion ZE5451 Pavilion ZE5457LA-DL805A Pavilion ZE5460 Pavilion ZE5460EA-DN654A Pavilion ZE5460US-DN837A Pavilion ZE5462 Pavilion ZE5462EA-DM423A Pavilion ZE5467 Pavilion ZE5467LA-DL804A Pavilion ZE5468 Pavilion ZE5468CL-DK566A Pavilion ZE5468CL-DK566AR Pavilion ZE5470 Pavilion ZE5470US-DK564A Pavilion ZE5470US-DK564AR Pavilion ZE5475 Pavilion ZE5475CA-DL404A Pavilion ZE5475CA-DL404AR Pavilion ZE5477 Pavilion ZE5477LA-DL405A Pavilion ZE5478 Pavilion ZE5478CL Pavilion ZE5478CL-DK567A Pavilion ZE5478CL-DK567AR Pavilion ZE5490 Pavilion ZE5490US Pavilion ZE5490US-DK565A Pavilion ZE5497LA-DV426L Pavilion ZE5500 Pavilion ZE5500-DM368AV Pavilion ZE5501 Pavilion ZE5501US-DP471U Pavilion ZE5504 Pavilion ZE5504EA-DP857E Pavilion ZE5505 Pavilion ZE5505EA-DP854E Pavilion ZE5506EA-DP865E Pavilion ZE5507EA-DP867E Pavilion ZE5510AP-DR220A Pavilion ZE5510EA-DP855E Pavilion ZE5511EA-DP869E Pavilion ZE5512 Pavilion ZE5512AP-DR222A Pavilion ZE5512EA Pavilion ZE5512EA-DP864E Pavilion ZE5513 Pavilion ZE5514AP-DR486A Pavilion ZE5515 Pavilion ZE5515AP-DR487A Pavilion ZE5515EA-DP853E Pavilion ZE5516 Pavilion ZE5516AP-DR488A Pavilion ZE5516EA-DP860E Pavilion ZE5517 Pavilion ZE5517AP-DR922A Pavilion ZE5517EA-DP862E Pavilion ZE5518 Pavilion ZE5518AP-DT567A Pavilion ZE5519 Pavilion ZE5519AP-DT568A Pavilion ZE5519EA-DS745E Pavilion ZE5520 Pavilion ZE5520AP-DV637AA Pavilion ZE5520EA-DP851E Pavilion ZE5520EA-DP852E Pavilion ZE5521 Pavilion ZE5521AP-DV933AA Pavilion ZE5521EA-DS746E Pavilion ZE5522 Pavilion ZE5523 Pavilion ZE5523AP-DV935AA Pavilion ZE5524 Pavilion ZE5524AP-DW809AA Pavilion ZE5525 Pavilion ZE5525AP-DW810AA Pavilion ZE5525EA-DP856E Pavilion ZE5526AP-DX828P Pavilion ZE5526EA-DP859E Pavilion ZE5527 Pavilion ZE5527EA-DP861E Pavilion ZE5528 Pavilion ZE5528EA-DP863E Pavilion ZE5529EA-DP858E Pavilion ZE5530 Pavilion ZE5530EA-DP870E Pavilion ZE5531 Pavilion ZE5531EA-DS742E Pavilion ZE5532 Pavilion ZE5532EA-DS744E Pavilion ZE5533 Pavilion ZE5533EA-DS743E Pavilion ZE5534 Pavilion ZE5534EA-DU584E Pavilion ZE5535 Pavilion ZE5535EA-DU585E Pavilion ZE5537 Pavilion ZE5537LA-DR201A Pavilion ZE5540 Pavilion ZE5547 Pavilion ZE5547WM-DM764A Pavilion ZE5547WM-DM764AR Pavilion ZE5560 Pavilion ZE5560US-DP473U Pavilion ZE5560US-DP473UR Pavilion ZE5565 Pavilion ZE5568 Pavilion ZE5568CL-DM769A Pavilion ZE5568CL-DM769AR Pavilion ZE5568QV-DP472U Pavilion ZE5570 Pavilion ZE5570US-DM767A Pavilion ZE5575 Pavilion ZE5575SR-DM768A Pavilion ZE5580 Pavilion ZE5580US-DM766A Pavilion ZE5587 Pavilion ZE5587LA-DR202A Pavilion ZE5590 Pavilion ZE5590US-DP470U Pavilion ZE5600 Pavilion ZE5600-DP661AV Pavilion ZE5600-DR093AV Pavilion ZE5601 Pavilion ZE5601EA-DY639E Pavilion ZE5602AP-DW956P Pavilion ZE5602EA-DY636E Pavilion ZE5602US-DU915U Pavilion ZE5602US-DU915UR Pavilion ZE5603 Pavilion ZE5603AP-DW957P Pavilion ZE5603EA-DX714E Pavilion ZE5603US-DU917U Pavilion ZE5604AP-DW958P Pavilion ZE5604EA Pavilion ZE5604EA-DV249E Pavilion ZE5604EA-PA353EA Pavilion ZE5604EA-PB825EA Pavilion ZE5604EA-PB826EA Pavilion ZE5604RS-DW396UR Pavilion ZE5605 Pavilion ZE5605EA-PA345E Pavilion ZE5605SR-DU918U Pavilion ZE5607 Pavilion ZE5607AP-DW961PA Pavilion ZE5607EA-DX710E Pavilion ZE5607WM-B-DW777A Pavilion ZE5607WM-DS541U Pavilion ZE5607WM-DS541UR Pavilion ZE5608 Pavilion ZE5608AP-DW962P Pavilion ZE5609 Pavilion ZE5609AP-DW963P Pavil Pavilion ZE5609EA-DX711E Pavilion ZE5609EA-PA352EA Pavilion ZE5610 Pavilion ZE5610AP-DW964P Pavilion ZE5610CA-DU914U Pavilion ZE5610CA-DU914UR Pavilion ZE5610EA-DV257E Pavilion ZE5611 Pavilion ZE5611AP-DW965P Pavilion ZE5611EA-DX712E Pavilion ZE5612 Pavilion ZE5612AP-DW966P Pavilion ZE5612EA-DX717E Pavilion ZE5613AP-DW967P Pavilion ZE5613EA-DX718E Pavilion ZE5614 Pavilion ZE5614AP-DW968P Pavilion ZE5614EA-DV251E Pavilion ZE5615 Pavilion ZE5615AP-DW969P Pavilion ZE5615CA-DW398U Pavilion ZE5615CA-DW398UR Pavilion ZE5615EA-DV250E Pavilion ZE5615SR-B-DW778A Pavilion ZE5615SR-DS538U Pavilion ZE5615SR-DS538UR Pavilion ZE5616 Pavilion ZE5616AP-DW970P Pavilion ZE5617 Pavilion ZE5617AP-DW971PA Pavilion ZE5617EA-DX716E Pavilion ZE5617WM-B-DW776A Pavilion ZE5618 Pavilion ZE5618AP-DW972PA Pavilion ZE5618EA-DX719E Pavilion ZE5619 Pavilion ZE5620EA-DY634E Pavilion ZE5620US-DS540U Pavilion ZE5620US-DS540UR Pavilion ZE5622 Pavilion ZE5622EA-DY640E Pavilion ZE5623 Pavilion ZE5623EA-DV256E Pavilion ZE5624 Pavilion ZE5624EA-DX715E Pavilion ZE5626EA-DY642E Pavilion ZE5630US-DW399U Pavilion ZE5630US-DW399UR Pavilion ZE5631EA-DV252E Pavilion ZE5635 Pavilion ZE5635EA-DV248E Pavilion ZE5636 Pavilion ZE5636EA-DY641E Pavilion ZE5637 Pavilion ZE5637LA-DV765L Pavilion ZE5638 Pavilion ZE5638EA-DY643E Pavilion ZE5640 Pavilion ZE5640EA-DY637E Pavilion ZE5644EA-PA347E Pavilion ZE5645EA-DV255E Pavilion ZE5647 Pavilion ZE5650EA-PA348E Pavilion ZE5700 Pavilion ZE5700-PA728AV Pavilion ZE5700-PA729AV Pavilion ZE5701US-DZ362UR Pavilion ZE5702EA-PB822EA Pavilion ZE5705EA-PB824EA Pavilion ZE5706EA-PB827EA Pavilion ZE5715CA-PK128UA Pavilion ZE5715CA-PK128UAR Pavilion ZE5715EA-PB828EA Pavilion ZE5730EA-PA354EA Pavilion ZE5730US-DZ361U Pavilion ZE5730US-DZ361UR Pavilion ZE5731US-DZ366U Pavilion ZE5731US-DZ366UR Pavilion ZE5732QV-DZ367U Pavilion ZE5732QV-DZ367UR Pavilion ZE5737 Pavilion ZE5738RS-DZ364U Pavilion ZE5738RS-DZ364UR Pavilion ZE5739CL-DZ368U Pavilion ZE5739CL-DZ368UR Pavilion ZE5740EA-PB821EA Pavilion ZE5749CL-PF194U Pavilion ZE5749CL-PF194UR Pavilion ZEPavilion XT4345 Replacement Batteries.
  • Mfgr Part # 319411-001 361742-001 F4809A
  • Dimensions: 5.29 in. L x 3.74 in. W x 0.86 H in.
  • Weight: 1.2 lb
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Disclaimer: Our products are not affiliated with or authorized by Compaq.

  • What is the best replacement battery for the Compaq avilion ZE5634US-DU916U OmniBook XE4 Omnibook XE4000 OmniBook XE4100 OmniBook XE4100-F4641HC OmniBook X Laptop and Notebook Battery?

    The CS-CP2100.1 is the best replacement battery for the Compaq avilion ZE5634US-DU916U OmniBook XE4 Omnibook XE4000 OmniBook XE4100 OmniBook XE4100-F4641HC OmniBook X Laptop and Notebook Battery.

  • What is your return policy and battery warranty?

    Our batteries are backed by easy 30-day returns and a 12-month warranty.

  • How do I find the best replacement Battery?

    Our search tool at the top of the website should give you the best results. Search by brand or part number to see if we have the right match for you.

  • What does Li-ion and Ni-MH mean?

    They represent different types of rechargeable batteries. Li-ion stands for Lithium Ion, lithium ions move from the negative electrode through an electrolyte to the positive electrode during discharge and back when charging. Ni-MH stands for nickel-metal hydride where the negative electrode is made from a hydrogen-absorbing alloy.

  • Do you have a wholesale, reseller and large volume purchase program?

    Yes, our bulk purchasing program saves you money and allow you to obtain the batteries you need in one easy, hassle-free transaction. Apply here.

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