HP 15-AK006TX Pavilion 14-ab005TU Pavilion 14-ab00 Replacement Battery

Part # CS-HPV150NB
Usually Ships in 4 - 7 Business Days
  • This is a replacement compatible with a HP Laptop and Notebook Battery
  • Volts: 14.8V (14.8 Volts)
  • Capacity: 2200mAh (2.2Ah)
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Color: Black
  • HP 15-AK006TX Pavilion 14-ab005TU Pavilion 14-ab006TU Pavilion 14-ab007TX Pavilion 14-ab011TX Pavilion 14-ab012TX Pavilion 14-ab013TX Pavilion 14-ab015tx(M2X00PA) Pavilion 14-ab017TX Pavilion 14-ab024TX Pavilion 14-ab038TX Pavilion 14-ab054TX Pavilion 14-ab101TX Pavilion 14-ab108TX Pavilion 14-ab115TU Pavilion 14-ab123TU Pavilion 14-ab131TU Pavilion 14-ab144TX Pavilion 14-ab152TX Pavilion 14-ab156TX Pavilion 14-ab165TX Pavilion 14-AB168CA Pavilion 14-ab172TX Pavilion 14-AB191LA Pavilion 14T-AB000 Pavilion 14T-AB099 Pavilion 14T-AB100 Pavilion 15-ab Pavilion 15-AB000AU Pavilion 15-ab001nh Pavilion 15-AB002NF Pavilion 15-AB004NC Pavilion 15-AB005AX Pavilion 15-ab006tx(L8P34PA) Pavilion 15-ab006ur Pavilion 15-AB007UR Pavilion 15-AB009NJ Pavilion 15-ab010AX Pavilion 15-AB010LA Pavilion 15-AB010NE Pavilion 15-AB011TU Pavilion 15-AB014AU Pavilion 15-ab016TU Pavilion 15-AB017NA Pavilion 15-ab017TU Pavilion 15-AB017TX Pavilion 15-ab018TU Pavilion 15-AB020UR Pavilion 15-AB023TX Pavilion 15-ab024NE Pavilion 15-AB027CL Pavilion 15-ab030no Pavilion 15-AB030TX Pavilion 15-AB033NO Pavilion 15-ab036TX Pavilion 15-ab037ax Pavilion 15-ab037TX Pavilion 15-ab038TU Pavilion 15-ab038TX Pavilion 15-AB039NL Pavilion 15-ab039TX Pavilion 15-ab042tu Pavilion 15-ab045sa Pavilion 15-AB047TX Pavilion 15-ab048tu Pavilion 15-ab051nb Pavilion 15-ab052nc PAVILION 15-AB052UR Pavilion 15-AB057TU Pavilion 15-ab059tx Pavilion 15-ab065ur Pavilion 15-ab067tx Pavilion 15-ab072TX Pavilion 15-ab078tx Pavilion 15-ab085nw Pavilion 15-ab086no Pavilion 15-ab093tx Pavilion 15-AB100ND Pavilion 15-AB101NO Pavilion 15-AB102NE Pavilion 15-ab102no Pavilion 15-AB104AX Pavilion 15-AB104NS Pavilion 15-AB106NH PAVILION 15-AB109AX Pavilion 15-AB109UR Pavilion 15-AB112NL Pavilion 15-ab113tx(P3C80PA) Pavilion 15-AB114NS Pavilion 15-AB117UR Pavilion 15-AB120NR Pavilion 15-AB123UR Pavilion 15-AB126NL Pavilion 15-AB128CY Pavilion 15-AB129NO Pavilion 15-AB131NO Pavilion 15-AB136CY Pavilion 15-AB141AX Pavilion 15-AB145CY Pavilion 15-AB150NO Pavilion 15-AB160NO Pavilion 15-AB181NO Pavilion 15-ab188no Pavilion 15-AB193CY Pavilion 15-AB200NF PAVILION 15-AB201NL Pavilion 15-AB202NC Pavilion 15-AB202TU Pavilion 15-AB203NI Pavilion 15-AB204UR Pavilion 15-AB206TU Pavilion 15-AB208NP Pavilion 15-ab209nt Pavilion 15-AB210NM PAVILION 15-AB211TU Pavilion 15-AB212NO Pavilion 15-AB213NT Pavilion 15-AB215NT Pavilion 15-AB217NT PAVILION 15-AB218TX Pavilion 15-AB220NE Pavilion 15-AB221TU Pavilion 15-AB222TX Pavilion 15-AB223NO Pavilion 15-AB226NX Pavilion 15-AB230NF Pavilion 15-AB233NE Pavilion 15-AB235TX Pavilion 15-AB235UR Pavilion 15-AB239NE Pavilion 15-AB242NA PAVILION 15-AB243NL Pavilion 15-AB245NF PAVILION 15-AB247UR Pavilion 15-AB249NG Pavilion 15-AB252TX Pavilion 15-AB254NM Pavilion 15-AB256TU PAVILION 15-AB260TX Pavilion 15-AB261TU Pavilion 15-AB267CL Pavilion 15-AB272NW Pavilion 15-AB278NF PAVILION 15-AB287NW Pavilion 15-AB289TX Pavilion 15-ab297tx Pavilion 15-AB297UR Pavilion 15-AB510NZ PAVILION 15-AB515TX Pavilion 15-AB526TX Pavilion 15-AB535NA Pavilion 15-AB541TX Pavilion 15-AB548TX Pavilion 15-AB556TX Pavilion 15-AB562NZ Pavilion 15-AB578TX Pavilion 15-AN000NG Pavilion 15-AN002NIA Pavilion 15-AN051NA Pavilion 15T-AB000 Pavilion 15T-AB005TU Pavilion 15T-AB006TU Pavilion 15T-AB010AX Pavilion 15T-AB011TX Pavilion 15T-AB012TX Pavilion 15T-AB013TX Pavilion 15T-AB016TU Pavilion 15T-AB017TU Pavilion 15T-AB018TU Pavilion 15T-AB024NE Pavilion 15T-AB036TX Pavilion 15T-AB037TX Pavilion 15T-AB038TU Pavilion 15T-AB038TX Pavilion 15T-AB039TX Pavilion 15T-AB072TX Pavilion 15T-AB099 Pavilion 15T-AB100 Pavilion 15Z-AB100 Pavilion 17-g Pavilion 17-g000 Pavilion 17-G002NG Pavilion 17-G006NF Pavilion 17-g009nf Pavilion 17-G013NF Pavilion 17-G020UR Pavilion 17-G030NR Pavilion 17-g035ng Pavilion 17-G037CY Pavilion 17-g052ng Pavilion 17-g053ng Pavilion 17-G053NL Pavilion 17-G057UR Pavilion 17-g074ng Pavilion 17-g099 Pavilion 17-G101AU Pavilion 17-g102nk Pavilion 17-g104ng Pavilion 17-g108na Pavilion 17-g109ur Pavilion 17-g110ur Pavilion 17-g114nf Pavilion 17-g114ng Pavilion 17-G120DS Pavilion 17-g120nf Pavilion 17-g125ur Pavilion 17-G127CL Pavilion 17-g130ur Pavilion 17-G133CY Pavilion 17-g137nf Pavilion 17-G138CY Pavilion 17-g148nf Pavilion 17-G149DS Pavilion 17-g152nl Pavilion 17-g154ng Pavilion 17-g154ur Pavilion 17-g159no Pavilion 17-g161nf Pavilion 17-g163no Pavilion 17-g170nb Pavilion 17-G175CY Pavilion 17-g175ur Pavilion 17-g183nf Pavilion 17-G192CY Pavilion 17-g192nf Pavilion 17-G211CY Pavilion 17T-G099 Pavilion 17T-G100 Pavilion Gaming 15-AK001UR Pavilion Gaming 15-ak004no Pavilion Gaming 15-AK004UR Pavilion Gaming 15-ak018TX Pavilion Gaming 15-AK020NB Pavilion Gaming 15-ak032TX Pavilion Gaming 15-AK038TX Pavilion Gaming 15-AK055SA Pavilion Gaming 15-AK104NU Pavilion Gaming 15-AK170NW Pavilion Notebook 14-ab160tx(T Pavilion Notebook 15-ab048tx(M Replacement Batteries.
  • Mfgr Part # 800009-121 800009-141 800009-221 800009-241 800009-251 800009-421 800009-541 800010-421 800049-001 800049-005 800049-241 800050-001 HSTNN-DB6T HSTNN-LB6R HSTNN-LB6S HSTNN-LB6T K104 K1O4 KI04 KI04041 KI04041-CL KIO4 N2L84AA N2L84AA-ABB N2L84AA-UUF TPN-Q158 TPN-Q159 TPN-Q160 TPN-Q161 TPN-Q162 TPN-Q163
  • Dimensions: 10.82 in. L x 1.36 in. W x 0.8 H in.
  • Weight: 1.1 lb
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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