HP ENVY 14-U005TX(J6M91PA) Pavilion 11 X360 Pavili Replacement Battery

Part # CS-HPX360NB
Usually Ships in 4 - 7 Business Days
  • This is a replacement compatible with a HP Laptop and Notebook Battery
  • Volts: 7.6V (7.6 Volts)
  • Capacity: 3800mAh (3.8Ah)
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Color: Black
  • HP ENVY 14-U005TX(J6M91PA) Pavilion 11 X360 Pavilion 11-k040tu x360(M7Q67P Pavilion 11-k047tu x360(M7Q92P Pavilion 11-k049tu x360(M7Q94P Pavilion 11-k050tu x360(M7Q95P Pavilion 11-k052tu x360(M7Q97P Pavilion 11-N000 Pavilion 11-N000EA PAVILION 11-N000ED PAVILION 11-N000EIA Pavilion 11-N000EL Pavilion 11-N000EP PAVILION 11-N000ES PAVILION 11-N000NC Pavilion 11-N000NF PAVILION 11-N000NI Pavilion 11-N000NO Pavilion 11-N000NX PAVILION 11-N000SB PAVILION 11-N000SO Pavilion 11-N000SR Pavilion 11-N001EA PAVILION 11-N001EE PAVILION 11-N001EJ Pavilion 11-N001EO PAVILION 11-N001EP Pavilion 11-N001ET Pavilion 11-N001NA PAVILION 11-N001NI PAVILION 11-N001NIA PAVILION 11-N001NO Pavilion 11-N001NP Pavilion 11-N001NX PAVILION 11-N001SE PAVILION 11-N001SL Pavilion 11-N001ST PAVILION 11-N001TU Pavilion 11-N002EJ Pavilion 11-N002EX Pavilion 11-n002ng PAVILION 11-N002NI PAVILION 11-N002NP Pavilion 11-N002NS PAVILION 11-N002TU PAVILION 11-N003EX PAVILION 11-N003NG Pavilion 11-N003NK PAVILION 11-N003NS Pavilion 11-N003SC Pavilion 11-n003TU x360 Pavilion 11-N004EJ PAVILION 11-N004NV Pavilion 11-N005EJ PAVILION 11-N005NA Pavilion 11-N005NS PAVILION 11-N006NA PAVILION 11-N006NX Pavilion 11-N006TU PAVILION 11-N007NA PAVILION 11-N007NS Pavilion 11-n007TU x360 Pavilion 11-N008SV Pavilion 11-N008TU pavilion 11-n009tu x360 PAVILION 11-N010EB Pavilion 11-N010EN Pavilion 11-N010NA PAVILION 11-N010NF PAVILION 11-N010NQ Pavilion 11-N010NU Pavilion 11-N010NZ PAVILION 11-N010SN PAVILION 11-N011BR Pavilion 11-N011EA PAVILION 11-N011EI Pavilion 11-N011EO Pavilion 11-N011NA PAVILION 11-N011NP PAVILION 11-N011NZ Pavilion 11-N011SA Pavilion 11-N012BR PAVILION 11-N012NA PAVILION 11-N012NS Pavilion 11-N012TU Pavilion 11-N013NA PAVILION 11-N013TU Pavilion 11-N014NA Pavilion 11-n014tu x360(G4W66P Pavilion 11-N016TU X360 PAVILION 11-N019TU PAVILION 11-N020NE Pavilion 11-N020NF PAVILION 11-N020NL Pavilion 11-N020NS PAVILION 11-N020NX Pavilion 11-N020NZ PAVILION 11-N020TU Pavilion 11-N021NF Pavilion 11-N021TU Pavilion 11-N022NE Pavilion 11-N022NW PAVILION 11-N022NX PAVILION 11-N023NX Pavilion 11-n023TU x360 Pavilion 11-N024NF PAVILION 11-N025BR X360 Pavilion 11-N025EO PAVILION 11-N025NX PAVILION 11-N026TU Pavilion 11-N027TU PAVILION 11-N028TU Pavilion 11-n029TU x360 PAVILION 11-N030AR PAVILION 11-N030AR X360 Pavilion 11-N030CA Pavilion 11-n030tu x360(J8B75P Pavilion 11-N031NO Pavilion 11-n031TU x360 Pavilion 11-N032EW Pavilion 11-N032TU Pavilion 11-N032TU X360 PAVILION 11-N034TU Pavilion 11-N035NO PAVILION 11-N036TU Pavilion 11-N037TU Pavilion 11-n038TU x360 Pavilion 11-N039TU PAVILION 11-N040NB PAVILION 11-N040TU PAVILION 11-N041NB Pavilion 11-N041TU PAVILION 11-N042NB PAVILION 11-N042TU Pavilion 11-N043TU Pavilion 11-N045LA Pavilion 11-N045TU PAVILION 11-N047TU Pavilion 11-N050NB PAVILION 11-N050ND Pavilion 11-N050SN PAVILION 11-N050SR Pavilion 11-N051NB PAVILION 11-N052NB PAVILION 11-N055NR Pavilion 11-N056NR PAVILION 11-N060UR Pavilion 11-N061UR Pavilion 11-N070SG Pavilion 11-n071eg PAVILION 11-N072NG Pavilion 11-N073NG PAVILION 11-N075EG Pavilion 11-N075ER Pavilion 11-N078NG PAVILION 11-N080NG PAVILION 11-N080SG Pavilion 11-N081ND PAVILION 11-N083NA Pavilion 11-N083SA PAVILION 11-N084SA PAVILION 11-N085NG Pavilion 11-N087NG PAVILION 11-N088NF Pavilion 11-N089NG Pavilion 11-N098NP Pavilion 11-n100 Pavilion 11-n100nf Pavilion 11-n100nq PAVILION 11-N100NX Pavilion 11-n101ne PAVILION 11-N102NE Pavilion 11-N106TU Pavilion 11-n108TU x360 PAVILION 11-N109TU Pavilion 11-N110NC Pavilion 11-n112TU x360 PAVILION 11-N113TU Pavilion 11-N114TU Pavilion 11-n116TU x360 Pavilion 11-N117TU PAVILION 11-N118TU Pavilion 11-n119TU x360 PAVILION 11-N127BR Pavilion 11-N127BR X360 Pavilion 11-N130NO Pavilion 11-N225BR Pavilion X360 11-N020NA Pavilion X360 11-N020NX Pavilion X360 11-N038CA Pavilion X360 11-N041CA Pavilion X360 11-N050ND Pavilion X360 11-N051SR Pavilion X360 11-N055ND Pavilion X360 11-N061UR Pavilion X360 11-N077NG Pavilion X360 11-N078NG Pavilion X360 11-N080NA Pavilion X360 11-N083SA Pavilion X360 11-N100NX Pavilion X360 11-N108TU Pavilion X360 11-N110NC Pavilion X360 11-N112TU Pavilion X360 11-N116TU Pavilion X360 11-N130NC Pavilion x360 11-n226br PavilionN 11-N099NP TPN-C115 Replacement Batteries.
  • Mfgr Part # 21CP6 60 80 7177376-001 751681-231 751681-421 751875-001 751875-005 HSTNN-DB6B HSTNN-LB6B PL02029XL PL02029XL-PR PL02XL TPN-C115
  • Dimensions: 7.87 in. L x 3.43 in. W x 0.29 H in.
  • Weight: 0.6 lb
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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