HP 14-bp002TU 14-bp004TX 14-bp007TX 14-bp011TX 14- Replacement Battery

Part # CS-HPC155NB
Usually Ships in 4 - 7 Business Days
  • This is a replacement compatible with a HP Laptop and Notebook Battery
  • Volts: 11.55V (11.55 Volts)
  • Capacity: 3600mAh (3.6Ah)
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Color: Black
  • HP 14-bp002TU 14-bp004TX 14-bp007TX 14-bp011TX 14-bp018TX 14-bp030TX 14-bp031ng 14-bp033TX 14-bp054TX 14-bp063TX 14-bp101TX 14-bp106TX 14-bp112TX 14s-be102TX Pavilion 14-BF Pavilion 14-BF000NO Pavilion 14-BF001TX Pavilion 14-BF003NF Pavilion 14-bf004ng Pavilion 14-BF005UR Pavilion 14-BF008UR Pavilion 14-BF010NZ Pavilion 14-BF012NA Pavilion 14-BF014TU Pavilion 14-BF016TU Pavilion 14-BF018TU Pavilion 14-BF020TX Pavilion 14-BF025UR Pavilion 14-BF030TX Pavilion 14-bf031ng Pavilion 14-BF035TU Pavilion 14-bf036TX Pavilion 14-BF040WM Pavilion 14-BF052NA Pavilion 14-BF063TX Pavilion 14-BF070TX Pavilion 14-BF082NO Pavilion 14-bf082TX Pavilion 14-BF086NO Pavilion 14-BF100NC Pavilion 14-BF101NE Pavilion 14-BF101TX Pavilion 14-bf103ng Pavilion 14-BF103NX Pavilion 14-BF106NE Pavilion 14-BF108CA Pavilion 14-BF110NS Pavilion 14-bf111TU PAVILION 14-BF114TX Pavilion 14-BF116NS Pavilion 14-BF123UR Pavilion 14-BF133TX Pavilion 14-BF140TX Pavilion 14-BF145TX Pavilion 14-BF155TX Pavilion 14-BF180ND Pavilion 14-BF190TX Pavilion 14-bf600TX Pavilion 14-BK Pavilion 14-BK000NF Pavilion 14-BK001NJ Pavilion 14-BK003NIA Pavilion 14-BK004NS Pavilion 14-BK006NW Pavilion 14-BK007UR Pavilion 14-BK010NB Pavilion 14-BK011NL Pavilion 14-BK052NA Pavilion 14-BK061ST Pavilion 14-BK064SA Pavilion 14-BK100NA Pavilion 14-BK102NS Pavilion 14-BK154SA Pavilion 15-CC Pavilion 15-CC001NF Pavilion 15-CC002NV Pavilion 15-CC004NT Pavilion 15-cc005ng Pavilion 15-CC005NX Pavilion 15-cc006TU Pavilion 15-CC007NT Pavilion 15-CC008TX Pavilion 15-CC010NO Pavilion 15-CC014NT Pavilion 15-cc015TX Pavilion 15-cc017ng Pavilion 15-cc019TU Pavilion 15-cc032TU Pavilion 15-CC033NA Pavilion 15-cc037TU Pavilion 15-CC042TX Pavilion 15-CC043TU Pavilion 15-cc050TX Pavilion 15-CC050WM Pavilion 15-CC088NIA Pavilion 15-CC101NV Pavilion 15-cc101TX Pavilion 15-CC102NT Pavilion 15-cc103ng Pavilion 15-CC103TX Pavilion 15-CC104NB Pavilion 15-CC105NL Pavilion 15-CC107NL Pavilion 15-CC109TX Pavilion 15-cc110TU Pavilion 15-CC113UR Pavilion 15-cc115TX Pavilion 15-cc128TX Pavilion 15-CC129TX Pavilion 15-cc131ng Pavilion 15-CC141TX Pavilion 15-cc146TX Pavilion 15-CC154TX Pavilion 15-CC159TX Pavilion 15-CC163TX Pavilion 15-cc165TX Pavilion 15-cc176TX Pavilion 15-CC198NIA Pavilion 15-CC501NT Pavilion 15-CC501TU Pavilion 15-CC502NP Pavilion 15-CC504NS Pavilion 15-cc504TX Pavilion 15-CC505NI Pavilion 15-CC507LA Pavilion 15-CC508NH Pavilion 15-cc508TU Pavilion 15-CC510NF Pavilion 15-CC510UR Pavilion 15-CC511NO Pavilion 15-CC512NS Pavilion 15-cc512TX Pavilion 15-CC515NB Pavilion 15-CC516NM Pavilion 15-cc519TU Pavilion 15-CC520UR Pavilion 15-CC521NF Pavilion 15-cc527TX Pavilion 15-CC532UR Pavilion 15-cc536TX Pavilion 15-CC543NA Pavilion 15-cc544TX Pavilion 15-CC547TX Pavilion 15-CC552TX Pavilion 15-cc557TX Pavilion 15-cc566TX Pavilion 15-CC571TX Pavilion 15-cc574TX Pavilion 15-cc585TX Pavilion 15-CC591NZ Pavilion 15-cc598TX Pavilion 15-cc604TX Pavilion 15-CC605TX Pavilion 15-CC612TX Pavilion 15-CC622TX Pavilion 15-CC629TX Pavilion 15-cc635TX Pavilion 15-CC665CL Pavilion 15-CC706TX PAVILION 15-CC709TX PAVILION 15-CC728TX Pavilion 15-cc744TX Pavilion 15-CC747TX Pavilion 15-CC756TX Pavilion 15-CC760TX Pavilion 15-CC771TX Pavilion 15-CD Pavilion 15-CD004AX Pavilion 15-CD005AU Pavilion 15-CD006NV Pavilion 15-CD030AU Pavilion 15-CD040WM Pavilion 15-CD074NZ Pavilion 15-CK000NV Pavilion 15-CK001NO PAVILION 15-CK001TX(2UL57PA) Pavilion 15-CK003NP Pavilion 15-CK005NS Pavilion 15-CK006UR Pavilion 15-CK008NI Pavilion 15-CK009NS PAVILION 15-CK009TX Pavilion 15-CK011NP Pavilion 15-CK013NL Pavilion 15-CK016NP Pavilion 15-CK018UR Pavilion 15-CK022NF PAVILION 15-CK026TX Pavilion 15-CK030NL Pavilion 15-CK036TX Pavilion 15-CK043TX Pavilion 15-CK062TX Pavilion 15-CK080NZ Pavilion X360 14-CD0000UR Pavilion X360 14-CD0003NE Pavilion X360 14-CD0004NJ Pavilion X360 14-CD0007NS Pavilion X360 14-CD0009NS Pavilion X360 14-CD0017TX Pavilion X360 14-CD0037TX Pavilion X360 14-CD0047TX Pavilion X360 14-CD0054TU Pavilion X360 14-CD0066TX PAVILION X360 14-CD0073TX Pavilion X360 14-CD0074TU Pavilion x360 14-cd0101ng Pavilion X360 14-CD0104NG Pavilion X360 14-CD0216NB Pavilion X360 14-CD0522NA Pavilion X360 14-CD0806NO PAVILION X360 14-CD1051TX Pavilion x360 14-cd1500nz X360 14-CD0058TU Replacement Batteries.
  • Mfgr Part # 820070-855 920046-121 920046-421 920046-541 920070-855 920070-856 HSTNN-IB7Y HSTNN-LB7J HSTNN-LB7X HSTNN-UB7J HSTNN-UB7X TF03041XL TF03XL TPN-C131 TPN-Q188 TPN-Q189 TPN-Q190 TPN-Q191 TPN-Q192 TPN-Q196
  • Dimensions: 7.61 in. L x 4 in. W x 0.23 H in.
  • Weight: 0.7 lb
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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