Panasonic NV-3CCD1 NV-61 NV-63 NV-G1 NV-G101 NV-G101A 2400mAh Replacement Battery

Part # CS-PDVS2
Usually Ships in 4 - 7 Business Days
  • This is a replacement compatible with a Panasonic Camera and Video Battery
  • Capacity: 2400mAh (2.4Ah)
  • Volts: 6V (6 Volt)
  • Type: Ni-CD
  • Color: Dark Gray
  • NV-3CCD1 NV-61 NV-63 NV-G1 NV-G101 NV-G101A NV-G120 NV-G2 NV-G200 NV-G202 NV-G202A NV-G220 NV-G3 NV-G303 NV-G3A NV-M810 NV-M810PX NV-MS70 NV-MS95 NV-MS950 NV-MS95A NV-RJ16 NV-RJ17 NV-RJ26 NV-RJ27 NV-RJ36 NV-RJ46 NV-RJ47 NV-RJ56 NV-RJ67 NV-S1 NV-S100 NV-S1A NV-S2 NV-S20 NV-S200 NV-S250 NV-S4 NV-S5 NV-S500 NV-S500EN NV-S5A NV-S5B NV-S5E NV-S5EC NV-S6 NV-S600 NV-S600EN NV-S6A NV-S6B NV-S6E NV-S7 NV-S700 NV-S750 NV-S78 NV-S8 NV-S800 NV-S8A NV-VJ57 NV-VJ66 NV-VJ77 NV-VJ78 NV-VJ98 PV-10 PV-10B PV-10PX PV-14 PV-17 PV-18 PV-19 PV-20 PV-21 PV-22 PV-31 PV-32 PV-332 PV-333 PV-362 PV-40 PV-41 PV-42 PV-43 PV-50 PV-53 PV-5372 PV-559 PV-5630 PV-A206 PV-A207 PV-A286 PV-A306 PV-A307 PV-D1000 PV-D326 PV-D406 PV-D407 PV-D506 PV-D507 PV-D607 PV-D705 PV-IQ203 PV-IQ205 PV-IQ244D PV-IQ303 PV-IQ305 PV-IQ306 PV-IQ325 PV-IQ403 PV-IQ404 PV-IQ404A PV-IQ405 PV-IQ503 PV-IQ504 PV-IQ505 PV-IQ525 PV-L352 PV-L353 PV-L354 PV-L552 PV-L557 PV-L606 PV-L657 PV-L757 PV-L857 PV-S332 PV-S372 PV-S43 PV-S53 PV-S62 PV-S63 PV-S630 PV-S64 PV-S72 PV-S770A VZ-LDS15 XM-D1BK replacement batteries.
  • Mfgr Part # VW-VBS2 VW-VBS2E
  • Warranty: 1 Year
0.3 lb

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