Sony BC-L100CE BVM-D9 BVM-D9H1A (Broadcast Monitor Replacement Battery

Part # CS-BPL90MC.6
Usually Ships in 4 - 7 Business Days
  • This is a replacement compatible with a Sony Camera Battery
  • Volts: 14.4V (14.4 Volts)
  • Capacity: 10400mAh (10.4Ah)
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Color: Black
  • Sony BC-L100CE BVM-D9 BVM-D9H1A (Broadcast Monitors) BVM-D9H1A Broadcast Monitors BVM-D9H1A(Broadcast Monitors) BVM-D9H1E (Broadcast Monitors) BVM-D9H1E Broadcast Monitors BVM-D9H1E(Broadcast Monitors) BVM-D9H1U (Broadcast Monitors) BVM-D9H1U Broadcast Monitors BVM-D9H5A (Broadcast Monitors) BVM-D9H5A Broadcast Monitors BVM-D9H5A(Broadcast Monitors) BVM-D9H5E (Broadcast Monitors) BVM-D9H5E Broadcast Monitors BVM-D9H5E(Broadcast Monitors) BVM-D9H5U (Broadcast Monitors) BVM-D9H5U Broadcast Monitors BVM-D9H5U(Broadcast Monitors) BVP-5 BVP-50 BVP-550W BVP-7 BVP-70 BVP-90 BVP-BVV5 BVW-200 BVW-300 (With BKW-L601 or BKW- BVW-300(With BKW-L601 or BKW-L BVW-300P (With BKW-L601 or BKW BVW-300P(With BKW-L601 or BKW- BVW-400 BVW-400A BVW-400P (With BKW-L601 or BKW BVW-400P(With BKW-L601 or BKW- BVW-505 BVW-507 BVW-550 BVW-570 BVW-590 BVW-D600 DCR-50 (DVCAM VTR) DCR-50 DVCAM VTR DCR-50(DVCAM VTR) DCR-50P (DVCAM VTR) DCR-50P DVCAM VTR DCR-50P(DVCAM VTR) DNV-7 DNV-7P DNW-7 DNW-7P DNW-90 DNW-90P DNW-90WS DNW-90WSP DNW-9WS DNW-9WSP DNW-A220 DNW-A225 DNW-A25 DNW-A25 (Portable Recorder) DNW-A25 Portable Recorder DNW-A25(Portable Recorder) DNW-A25P (Portable Recorder) DNW-A25P Portable Recorder DNW-A25P(Portable Recorder) DNW-A25WS (Portable Recorder) DNW-A25WS Portable Recorder DNW-A25WS(Portable Recorder) DNW-A25WSP (Portable Recorder) DNW-A25WSP Portable Recorder DNW-A25WSP(Portable Recorder) DNW-A28 Betacam SX Recorder DNW-A28( Betacam SX Recorder) DNW-A28(Betacam SX Recorder) DNW-A28P (Betacam SX Recorder) DNW-A28P Betacam SX Recorder DNW-A28P(Betacam SX Recorder) DSR-1 DSR-250 DSR-250P DSR-300 DSR-300A DSR-300AP DSR-300F DSR-300K DSR-300L DSR-300P DSR-300PF DSR-300PK DSR-300PL DSR-370 DSR-370K1 DSR-370K2 DSR-370L DSR-370P DSR-370PK1 DSR-370PK2 DSR-390 DSR-390K1 DSR-390K2 DSR-390L DSR-390P DSR-400 DSR-400K DSR-400L DSR-400P DSR-400PK DSR-400PL DSR-450WS DSR-450WSL DSR-450WSP DSR-450WSPL DSR-50 (Portable Recorder) DSR-50(Portable Recorder) DSR-500WS DSR-500WSL DSR-500WSP DSR-500WSPL DSR-50P (Portable Recorder) DSR-50P(Portable Recorder) DSR-570WS DSR-570WSL DSR-570WSP DSR-570WSPL/2 DSR-600PL DSR-650WSPL DSR-70 DSR-70A DSR-70AP (Portable Editing Rec DSR-70AP(Portable Editing Reco DVW-250 (Videocassette Recorde DVW-250(Videocassette Recorder DVW-250P (Videocassette Record DVW-7 DVW-707 DVW-707P DVW-709WS DVW-709WSP DVW-790WS DVW-790WSP DVW-90 DVW-90WS DVW-970 DVW-970P DVW-9WS DXC-D35 DXC-D35L DXC-D35P DXC-D35PL DXC-D35WS DXC-D35WSL DXC-D35WSP DXC-D35WSPL DXC-D50 DXC-D50H DXC-D50K DXC-D50L DXC-D50P DXC-D50PH DXC-D50PK DXC-D50PL DXC-D50WS DXC-D50WSH DXC-D50WSL DXC-D50WSP DXC-D50WSPL F23 F35 HDC-930 (Color Video Camera) HDC-930(Color Video Camera) HDC-950 (Color Video Camera) HDC-950(Color Video Camera) HDW-250 (HDCAM VTR) HDW-250(HDCAM VTR) HDW-280 HDW-650 HDW-730 HDW-730S HDW-750 HDW-750CE HDW-750P HDW-790 HDW-790WSP HDW-F900 HDW-F900H HDW-F900R HDW-S280 (HDCAM VTR) HDW-S280(HDCAM VTR) HVR-S270J HXC-D70H HXC-D70K HXC-D70L LMD-650 LMD-9020 (LCD monitor) LMD-9020(LCD monitor) LMD-9030 (LCD monitor) LMD-9030(LCD monitor) LMD-9050 (LCD monitor) LMD-9050(LCD monitor) LMD-940W MSW-900 MSW-900P MSW-970 MSW-970P PDW-510 PDW-510P PDW-530 PDW-530P PDW-680 PDW700 PDW-700 PDW-740 PDW-D1 (Disc Drive) PDW-D1(Disc Drive) PDW-F330 PDW-F330K PDW-F330L PDW-F335K PDW-F335L PDW-F350 PDW-F350L PDW-F355L PDW-F800 PDW-HR1 PDW-R1 PDW-R1 (LCD monitor) PDW-R1(LCD monitor) PDW-V1 (XDCAM VTR) PDW-V1(XDCAM VTR) PMW-320K PMW-320L PMW-350K PMW-350L PMW-500 PMW-F5 PMW-F55 PMW-TD300 PVM-1741 PVM-5041Q PVM-5041Q (with DC-L10 Adapter PVM-6041QM PVM-6041QM (with DC-L10 Adapte PVM-6041QM(with DC-L10 Adapter PVM-740 PVM-8040 PVM-8040 (with DC-L10 Adapter) PVM-8042Q PVM-8042Q (with DC-L10 Adapter PVM-8045Q PVM-8045Q (with DC-L10 Adapter PVM-9040ME PVM-9040ME (with DC-L10 Adapte PVM-9040ME(with DC-L10 Adapter PVM-9042QM PVM-9042QM (with DC-L10 Adapte PVM-9042QM(with DC-L10 Adapter PVM-9045QM PVM-9045QM(with DC-L10 Adapter PVM-9L2 (Color Video Monitor) PVM-9L2(Color Video Monitor) SRPC-1 (Portable Digital Recor SRPC-1 Portable Digital Record SRPC-1(Portable Digital Record SRW-1 (Video Processor) SRW-9000 SRW-9000PL UVW-100 WLL-CA50 WRR-861 WRR-862 WRR-862/1 Replacement Batteries.
  • Mfgr Part # BP-65H BP-90 BP-GL65 BP-GL95 BP-GL95A BP-IL75 BP-L40 BP-L40A BP-L60 BP-L60A BP-L60S BP-L80S BP-L90 BP-L90A E-50S E-70S E-7S E-80S
  • Weight: 2.2 lb
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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