Toshiba DynaBook CX/3214CMSW DynaBook DB50C/DC8 Dy Replacement Battery

Part # CS-TOA100BU
Usually Ships in 4 - 7 Business Days
  • This is a replacement compatible with a Toshiba CMOS Backup Battery
  • Volts: 2.4V (2.4 Volts)
  • Capacity: 20mAh (0.02Ah)
  • Type: Ni-MH
  • Color: Green
  • Toshiba DynaBook CX/3214CMSW DynaBook DB50C/DC8 DynaBook Satellite 2710 P50/4C DynaBook Satellite 4360 Portege A600-S2201 Portege A600-S2202 Portege A600-SP2801A Portege A600-SP2801C P Replacement Batteries.
  • Mfgr Part # CB17 FL2/V11H-WR GDM710000002 GDM710000041 GDM710000058 P000257640 P000268840 P000309170 P000333630 P710035009115 P71007006043 P71035006114 P71035016113 P71035017110 P71050004119 S050A
  • Weight: 0.5 lb
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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