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BatteryClerk Prime FAST 1-2 day shipping to most of the USA
Replacement Batteries for UPS Devices

Replacement Batteries for UPS Devices

UPS replacement batteries are one of our top sellers. Given the important role they play, we're not surprised. A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) device allows your computers or servers to keep running for a short time when the primary power source is lost and also provides protection from power surges. This critical role your UPS device plays in ensuring data and computer systems are protected, having a working battery is essential. From IT Companies to Hospitals, Offices and Schools, UPS devices are fairly ubiquitous. Others also rely on UPS devices for their medical equipment at home where keeping things working is of great importance.

UPS devices contain a battery that activates when the device determines that power is lost, giving you time to save your work, investigate the or even potentially run an auxiliary power source like a generator (another reason why you should check the battery on your generator).

You can understand then how valuable the role of the battery is for a UPS, so it’s imperative that the battery is in full working order. After several years the battery will become less reliable so many encourage users to look to replace them between 3 and 5 years. Many UPS systems will send out an alert once the battery hits critical levels or will have some sort of signal (colored lights and an alarm) to let you know that there is an issue.

Two factors that can influence the life of the battery include:

  1. Environment – the temperature influences a battery performance and while the battery will certainly be able to operate under fairly extreme climates, its performance and lifespan will be impacted. As a general rule, look to store the battery at around 77 degrees.
  2. Frequency – often referred to as cycling. When a battery is used and recharged often, it will influence the overall lifespan of your battery so make note of the number of times the battery is utilized.

We also recommend measuring the battery regularly using a load tester which can be purchased online and will accurately tell you the battery condition. Doing so will ensure that even when your system goes down, your backup battery will reliably kick in and keep your systems going while you work on getting things back up and running. Here are some videos to help you test a good and a bad battery with a load tester.

BatteryClerk offers a lot of UPS replacement batteries for many of the leading brands at significantly lower prices, which can be a factor when purchasing a large amount, so browse our current UPS replacement battery inventory.

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