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BatteryClerk Prime FAST 1-2 day shipping to most of the USA
BatteryClerk Prime FAST 1-2 day shipping to most of the USA
replacement batteries for IT companies

Replacement Batteries for IT Companies - Case Study


Information Technology companies rely quite heavily on battery power for a lot of their equipment and their customers equipment. Their biggest requirement is most certainly replacement batteries for UPS devices which provide business-critical support for computers and servers on several levels. Even as more and more tools move to a cloud-based setup, losing some data because the power goes out, the Wi-Fi or Internet connection is not working, and your computer power goes down can be a massive loss.

IT Companies Buying in Bulk

A lot of IT Companies also manage data centers (which is essentially the cloud), this is where a lot of business-critical information is stored. Again, the UPS device is a significant requirement in data centers for power outages and surges, and many continue to use SLA batteries compared to Li-Ion options. There are several reasons for their choice, some are just more comfortable with SLA batteries, some continue to choose them for their price point while others feel SLA batteries are able to better handle the high current surges better than the Li-Ion battery, so SLA batteries are still the dominant option, especially for the smaller data centers. Even though the lifespan of an SLA battery is around 3-5 years vs a Li-ion which is around 3 times that but the cost is often 5 times more, so the math still doesn’t quite add up. Perhaps when costs come down further, we will see a more significant shift but for now, SLA batteries still make sense.

"As an IT Company, we have a lot of equipment that is critical to operations and so we need to ensure that the equipment keeps running, especially during emergency situations. We're happy to have found that product and at great rates."

computer room

IT Companies also rely on other replacement batteries for their operations. Of course, many still have offices and storage facilities, many will rely on property managers to ensure compliance for things like alarms, security, signage for their own locations but some IT companies will do security installations for customers. Again, having a steady supply of backup batteries for alarm systems is important. Fortunately, most security systems will give a warning when the power of the battery is low, so they’ll have plenty of time to switch them out.

As more and more products rely on battery power to operate and support backup planning, IT companies have had to update their strategies to accommodate. Having replacement batteries on hand, allows them to swiftly switch out when required rather than waiting days for shipping. That’s why many are taking advantage of our wholesale program for placing bulk orders for their IT company. Not only do they have replacement products on hand but there can be significant savings in doing so, just apply on our website Sign up today.