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BatteryClerk Prime FAST 1-2 day shipping to most of the USA
BatteryClerk Prime FAST 1-2 day shipping to most of the USA
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Buying Bulk Replacement Batteries for Hotels & Resorts - Case Study


Hotels have had a rough time of it this past year or so. Being unable to book guests during the early days of the pandemic was challenging early on but when it dragged on for longer than anticipated something really had to give. Many were cutting corners with their costs and those looking for replacement batteries were no exception. Being able to save money by buying replacement batteries for wholesale pricing became quite a big differentiator for some of our clients.

As hotels and resorts started preparing for guests to return, (certainly slower than they would’ve liked), making sure that everything was functional was important but then ensuring everything was compliant with licenses was critical. Buying replacement batteries for equipment like UPS systems, emergency lights, generators, barcodes, alarms and plenty more that we don’t even know about, was an essential part of getting hotels back to normal operations. The problem was that budgets were significantly lower than previous years and this is not an area that you want to be cutting corners especially where customer safety is involved.

We were worried about getting replacement batteries for our equipment, particularly considering our new budget. We found BatteryClerk and their pricing was too good to be true so we opted to test their batteries on some of our equipment initially. They all worked great.” - BC Hotel Client

Some of the products were seeing sales ramp up again for the hospitality industry included: 

Lighting – particularly emergency lighting and exit signs. This is a big one for compliance but also general customer safety so making sure that these were in good working order is critical.

Alarms – another safety element for hotels, ensuring the alarm works under all conditions (especially when the power goes out) is key.

Generators – having power kicking on again is important, especially in high-risk areas like Florida.

Barcode Scanners – often used for checking in or in some hotel restaurants, having a supply of backup batteries for barcode scanners is one of those ongoing management things.

Door Locks – these are a big one for hotels as all the locks are usually battery powered and require a charge to read the cards. This can be a common irritation for clients wanting to get into their rooms so having a good supply is essential.

UPS Devices – a lot of systems run on computers in a hotel and while a lot of software is now cloud based, there are plenty of local servers and computers that rely on UPS’s during power outages.

The BatteryClerk wholesale program gives companies who buy batteries in bulk a more cost-effective opportunity to save money. For hotels in particular, budgets are much tighter as they scramble to resume normal operation, so we absolutely encourage them to apply today.