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BatteryClerk Prime FAST 1-2 day shipping to most of the USA

Replacement Batteries for Janitorial Services - Case Study


Janitorial work can be pretty taxing on workers bodies so the more equipment that makes it easier, the better. That equipment generally ranges from vacuum cleaners, floor cleaners, scrubbers, push sweepers, blowers, and the like. Increasingly several of these are becoming battery powered, allowing staff to move around freely and efficiently. In some instances, janitorial services are also responsible for maintaining certain equipment in offices and buildings. Let’s have a look at some of the replacement battery requirements for janitorial services.

Janitorial Industry Buying in Bulk

While home vacuum cleaners have become more battery-powered and rechargeable, allowing home users to cut the cord, an industrial vacuum requires a lot more power, so it took a lot longer for adoption of cordless cleaners in this setting. But with improvements in technology and an increased requirement in efficiency, even industrial equipment has become cordless and it’s not uncommon to see an employee moving around the office with a backpack vacuum.

Floor cleaning machines are also one of those pieces of equipment that are increasingly becoming cordless. The smaller ones are useful for stripping, cleaning, buffing, and polishing and when covering large floors, being able to move around freely without having to change the outlet or avoid getting a cord caught, is a significant benefit. Some of the larger ones that staff drive on are completely battery powered and simply cannot have accord due to the amount of area that they cover.

"We run some large cleaning equipment and keeping them running can be challenging. One thing we've been able to rely on is the battery performance from AJC Batteries plus being able to buy them and receive them quickly when needed."

Portable blowers (including air movers and fans) help to speed up the drying process and the fact that they have to move around easily means that being battery powered is essential.

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Other equipment like meters, odor controllers, heaters, upholstery equipment, water extraction, duct cleaners, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers all increasingly rely on battery power for operations, so it makes sense that these companies have a handy supply or a source for finding them easily. An added bonus of finding reliable and cost-effective products in our experience has not gone unnoticed and several of our janitorial clients have really seen a significant benefit to their bottom line.

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As janitorial services continue to increase their reliance on the latest equipment and innovations as well as seeking increased efficiencies, so too have their reliance on battery power. Add to that the fact that many are increasing their service offerings, then having a partner like BatteryClerk becomes far more valuable.