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BatteryClerk Prime FAST 1-2 day shipping to most of the USA
BatteryClerk Prime FAST 1-2 day shipping to most of the USA
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Replacement Batteries for Military Organizations - Case Study


The Military in the US is huge. It includes the likes of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Space Force and includes a range of administrative services, Veterans, Reserves as well as a variety of agencies that are approved to work with the military. You quickly realize that there is a reason the Department of Defense is the largest employer in the US. You can also imagine how complex the logistics of running operations is not to mention managing costs. Most departments have budgets that they have to stay within.  

Military Buying in Bulk

The military customers we currently work with are very knowledgeable, performance-driven and budget conscious though they tend to lean more towards product performance than costs though they do certainly appreciate the savings.

Military equipment is extensive and we actually sell close to our full range of replacement batteries to various departments. UPS replacement batteries are the biggest sellers as you can imagine there is a significant need to protect data and equipment but others may be less obvious.

The military has a large number of facilities and buildings they manage so maintaining these is critical. Having a stock of backup replacement batteries for things like emergency lights, generators, lawnmowers & tractors, alarm systems, typical requirements for facility managers is important.

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Powersport batteries are also a popular requirement for military organizations. With various forms of transport requirements comes the need to keep battery supplies at hand. Our more popular options are for ATV and UTV’s which tend to be quite versatile vehicles both regular and armored in getting around fields and bases for administrative purposes, for patrols, security and reconnaissance missions. The Navy also has their modified vessels like jet skis and inflatable boats used for training and missions. These mission-critical items most certainly need to have batteries that are fully powered and up to the task at hand. Having replacement battery backups in stock or able to be acquired easily is very valuable and is a role BatteryClerk takes very seriously. 


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For Military organizations, performance is certainly the top priority when it comes to replacement batteries, closely followed by their ability to receive their supplies swiftly with some consideration on pricing. Fortunately, BatteryClerk checks all the appropriate boxes so we’re more than happy to serve those who serve our country. If you're looking for your military organization, sign up today.