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BatteryClerk Prime FAST 1-2 day shipping to most of the USA
BatteryClerk Prime FAST 1-2 day shipping to most of the USA
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Replacement Batteries for Government Organizations & Agencies


We’ve learned through our years in business that there are thousands of government organizations and agencies in the USA that serve a variety of purposes. These range from FBI and CIA to schools, charities and various non profit organizations that rely on the government for funding. While some agencies do have to send out contracts for approval in order to do business with battery companies, we’ve learned that many do not and they can most certainly benefit from applying for a wholesale account.

Government agencies Buying Batteries in Bulk

Our current government clients do often have certain requirements for purchase which we will often work with. Credit terms and authorizations can be worked out and discounts can be applied based on volume, our representatives are available to work with you through the purchase and future purchase process.

Some government organizations that we currently support:

Local School Districts – we support several school districts throughout the US. Typically they are  fairly large replacement battery buyers, school districts require a wide range of batteries including UPS, emergency signs and lighting among others, Schools are often under tremendous budgetary constraints so the ability to save money on bulk orders has proven incredibly beneficial.

Government Non-Profit Organizations – these cover a wide range of enterprises, some receiving state funding, some federal but all generally providing a service that is community based and can include public charities, private foundations, trusts, corps and lllc’s. Some may also simply have a tax-exempt status like churches but receive no official funding.

Military – these receive a great deal of funding from the government, in fact national defense is among the top spending categories, in addition when combined with veteran services, is in the top 3. These military services require a lot of moving parts from infrastructure like buildings and offices to equipment like computers and communication system. We provide a great deal of batteries to help manage their equipment and again, the saving from bulk buys is extensive.

Agencies – the many agencies with acronyms like FBI, CIA, DOJ also have a large footprint and their infrastructure requirements are especially extensive. Running and managing offices and buildings and the equipment they contain keep us busy.

Hospitals – some may be surprised to learn that health care services in the U.S are a huge government expense. Hospitals and medical offices and the equipment they house are a large part of that budget and our range of replacement batteries is heavily utilized. Not only do we supply a lot of SLA replacement batteries but lithium batteries are used on a lot of medical equipment.

"Our battery replacement procurement process fortunately allows us to be flexible with our vendor relationships. As a result, we have been able to save a great deal of money buying replacement batteries through BatteryClerk and we can allocate the additional savings elsewhere."


BatteryClerk's replacement batteries help to run a wide range of equipment for government offices and facilities. While the obvious ones include UPS replacement batteries and alarm systems there are some more unusual ones like powersports replacement batteries for watercraft and ATV/UTV’s and even more unusual Drone batteries, microphones, projectors and satellite phone replacement batteries. Government organization run such a range of services, that we supply nearly all items in our inventory at one time or another.

With budgets being squeezed but operations continuing, getting savings for any government organization is increasingly valuable so ensuring you are signed up for our wholesale program will give you the performance you need at the price you’ll want.